LF EU / UK WH Corp

My preference is to find a corp that can turn it’s hand to everything EvE has to offer. Needs to have good UK / EU numbers and runs regular ops doesn’t matter what. Mining, PVE, ratting, PVP, absolutely anything really.

I’ve lived out of WH space before, I wouldn’t mind returning for the right type of home preferably with a HS static.

I’m posting on behalf of a friend too Lexxy Lexxis (in game), so if you find this ad and you think we would be a good fit drop us both a mail in game (it would be appreciated).

Thanks for reading o/

Check out scary wormhole people.
We do have requirements depending on your sp level

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Isolation Cult is a wormhole based corporation that specialises in small scale PvP and nullsec ganking.

We focus our operations during the EU timezone and welcome those willing to risk their bling for juicy kill mails. No one likes to let their prize ships sit in hangars gathering dust, they should be used to turn other peoples assets to salty tears.

Whilst a green killboard always brings satisfaction to those involved, a loss, no matter how blingy is punishment enough to bare as long as you burn with that creepy smile of impending retribution.

Public Channel: Isolation Public
Discord: Isolation Cult Discord https://discord.gg/TTt9sdP


Compentent Prober
Self Sufficient
Multiple Charachters
Able to fly Bombers
Able to fly T3 Cruisers
Driven to find PvP Content
Microphone and Discord
What We Offer:

Relaxed & Friendly Community
Recruitment Referral Program & Rewards
C3 Wolf Rayet for PVP & PVE Content
Small Gang Ships Loaned for Fleets

CEO: Ascenity, Jamesoverlord

Thanks for the replies o/

Looking for an EU / UK corp. Sad player logging in to see me and an alt in a corp, trying to make the best of it but I honestly prefer playing with a group from my TZ (which is UK)


Come check us out!

__ o/

We’re not a wh corp. But brittas empire is a ns corp. Our core group consists of UK players. Plus some tokens from elsewhere. Like Canada, Norway and other EU countries. If you’re looking for a core community driven corp with access to large alliance/coalition fleets. Come chats to us.


Hi @Sakwei,

Omnivores sounds like a good fit for you.

We have a good and growing cross section of EU and US timzone. Living in a c4 > 3/5 we have access to all of WH space has to offer on our door step.

Check us our here:

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