LF "retirement club" corp EU TZ 58million SP

I am an older eve player (going on 7/8 years now) who is looking for a retirement club, a place where I am allowed to primarily focus on my personal goals, like having a proper set of alts like anyone my age would normally have. I am rather comfortable in most areas of space, however I am not interested in an excessive CTA grind, I have been there, enjoyed that and have done that but Ive largely moved on from it. I am heavily involved in suicide ganking, which I intend to continue doing so on my main, You’ve got bonus points if you are involved in or plan to do some small gang stuff like ESS piracy, I have a small amount of FC experiance if you need someone to do that (Eu TZ only). I am most firm on the EU requirement, ive been in 5 corps that promised me an “expanding eu” presence and only 2 pilots are on the EU tz for my few months with them.

Hi @Cyrina_FaithWeaver ,

We may be a very good match for each other! :slight_smile: .

I am a returning player who has created a corporation based on learning’s from playing eve for years! We have discord and people are always available around the clock. I am UK based and most of our members are EU/US. Generally were a very friendly bunch mostly industrialists but involved in a number of other things too including small fleet PvP, alliance ops and lots of PvE :slight_smile:

So lots going on, including filament roams into null to ESS steal…

We are recruiting, and we are looking for both old, returning and new players, since the 8 months we started were up to over 140 members. We have a lot to offer and a different mentality to ‘most’ eve corps, please take 5 minutes to read our post to see what we are about

If it looks like it could fit please give me or Glendees a shout ingame.

Would love to catch up ingame :slight_smile:

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