LF UK/EU Industrial Corp


I am potentially looking for a corp for my main, Main is currently in FW but have for various reasons have decided to go a different path and am looking for an Industrial corp.

Looking for:

  • UK/EU TZ.
  • Low/High sec (off the beaten track systems) and/or WH bases of operation (WH with High sec static.)
  • Moon Mining, Combat Sites, Escalations, Missions, Exploration, Industry as main activities.
  • Active between 17:00 – 20:00 eve time (during the week), with about 30/40 active members (not all alts).
  • Mature group with no drama.

Not looking for

  • Null sec
  • Faction Warfare
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We have everything you’re looking for except that many members as were just starting out. Not sure how important that is to you.

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@Xiaofan_Zhao - Thanks for your reply. How many members do you have?

feel free to evemail this toon and ill contact you via my main.

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Still looking for options.

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