LF UK/EUTZ Minmatar FW Group

I am an Alpha alt of a main player (that has nothing to do with faction warfare) but thought it may be worth while to go back to basics and join a faction warfare group. With this character I have decided to stick to all things Minmatar in terms of ships that I fly etc.

Now I realise that I may not be suitable to any Minmatar Faction warfare group as I this character is an alt, will never go Omega, Will not log on as regularly as my main, and will only fly Minmatar ships (so some hefty restrictions) but I thought I would put this out there just to see the lay of the land so to speak, If the restrictions are too much then I will just join NPC Minmatar FW.

Some bullet points about me.

  • I am UK TZ so would be looking to join the same.

  • I can fund my ships from my main.

  • Looking to do both PVP for fun and PVE for LP.

  • I enjoy PVP but would not say I am particularly great at it.

  • Enjoy medium fleets downwards

  • Currently training Magic 14 skills (as much as I am able to on an Alpha)

  • Other current skill plan goals currently are around the Rifter and skilling using the Mastery requirements (again as much as I am able to as an Alpha). WIll move onto Destroyer and Cruiser skills as I can.

If there is a UK/EU based group out there that doesn’t mind the restrictions that come with this character, are mature, easy going people then please let me know. I log into this Character a few times a week currently so best to mail me in game rather than reply here.

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