LF WH corp 170m sp

Looking for a WH corp during EU tz.
Prefer C3 home for farming and Null/low/WH static for PVP
for now I play on 1 account,might sub another one
Can fly all subcap ships

basic understanding of WH mechanics

not interested in corp that operate in different space

thank you

(yes, its an alt, prefer to contact me on these forums)

Hey there!

May I introduce you to M Y S T

We are an active EU WH corp with a vastly growing US presence living in a C4 with C3/5 statics.

We’re predominantly a PVP focused group, but we do have to fund the PVP with plenty of lucrative PVE and INDY opportunities. We have absolutely no activity requirements, and really do emphasise that real life comes first. We by no means take things ‘that seriously’.

We have a few really experienced guys and always have people on coms to have a joke with and back you up.

We make use of Discord and Pathfinder. If at all interested or want to have a chat, join our Discord

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