LF Wormhole Corp

Heya, My name is Aricaan, just had my 10th birthday on my Eve toon and I am looking for a WH corp.

I have pretty much have done it all in this game(low sec, High Sec, Nil Sec with small and large alliances), and I think the most fun Ive had was in WH’s. I have two characters to offer, a Industrial/Logistics/cov ops pilot(just a few days away from flying an ORCA and Providence), and a character mostly trained in t2 frigates with hopes of making her a Tempest pilot. I havn’t actually played much in a few years so there is a lot of changes I am still getting the hang of.

I live on the American west coast, and work swing shifts, so Ill mostly be on really late, and generally quit when the server shuts down. My favorite thing to do is trading, but its mostly a solo activity. I’m not the type of person to go out and pick fights, and honestly don’t think I’ve been on the right side of a kill mail. I don’t mind being in a “Bad guy” corp, but keep in mind I will never start the fights. Although I have trained my second toon for tackle and would love to help someone else get some kills.

This last part might be a lot to ask, but if you think you would like to invite me to your corp, I would like to fly a few ops and get to know everyone in the corp before I join. I can understand if you don’t want me to visit you in your WH, but a low sec or nil sec roam would be great. Or even a high sec mining op. Just so I can get an idea if Ill mesh with the new corp. Im mostly asking this because in the past I have joined corps and kind of instantly regretted it.

Toons I own,
Aricaan ~38 million SP -all the barges, Guardian, Helios, Orca and Providence(dont own either, and a few days away from actually flying the Orca and Providence)
Qukina ~12 million SP Mostly Minny t2 frigs, would like to be a Tempest pilot.

Doing all my training on Aricaan at the moment, but might start training more on Qukina.

Feel free to reply here or message me in game. Both of my toons are around Rens if you would like to meet me in game.

Thanks for your time -Aricaan

Good luck on your search

We’re a wh corp!

Hey check us out:

Newest video:

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