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Hi all,

Taken a break from eve for the past ~2 months after suffering burnout for close to a year, and I’m looking to come back and do something completely different to my past. For the record things I want to avoid (because ive done them before) includes:

  • Wormhole living
  • Nullsec (any kind)

I’m principally looking at highsec and potentially lowsec casual groups, who can benefit from my experience & provide me with new opportunities, such as:

  • Industry (just not mining)
  • Abyssal PvE & PvP
  • Group activities (like incursions potentially)
  • System invasions (like trying to take over a neighbouring system or bashing a wh structure for loot)

I’m not looking to join a group who does soley one thing (such as only doing highsec industry) , however if you would be interested in working alongside me do let me know as I appreciate any offers :slight_smile:

Oh and I’m also EUTZ only

Feel free to contact me either in here, or discord @ Jezza#4134

Thank you

Hey there Jezza! My name is Ram Askaari. I also recently returned to EVE after a burnout, seems to be a common affliction haha.

When I came back, I decided to start my own corporation… Battle Kats. I know what you’re probably thinking “oh no, not an upstart”. Well you’re right, starting a new corporation and building it from the ground up can be a real pain in the butt. Good news though, I have extensive leadership experience in large corporations with complex management dynamics. By now I’ve completely set up the necessary apparatus to begin our growth, things will undeniably need to be changed or added to as we grow… but the basic framework is in place.

My ideal goal for Battle Kats is to someday (which is a long time from now) to join a decent alliance. I don’t know exactly where this long road will lead us but I know it’s going somewhere great.

Presently we are based out of Jita, we own no structures so we are not war eligible. We are trying to get experienced people to join up with us, people with all brands of knowledge, so we can have a well rounded member base. Of course, our #1 priority is forming a strong military core… but not at the expense of things like industry and exploration (because without those, there’s no effective military component.)

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me any way you see fit.

Discord: https://discord.gg/2BuP2wZ
In-Game Pub Channel: Battle Kats Public
OR > just send me an in-game EVE Mail

Thanks for reading, fly dangerously! - Ram

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