LHTC - Requesting USTz Industry PvP learners or Pilots

So we are LHTC, part of the Hardly Competent Alliance. We are Industry guys who have taken a slightly more upright gaming mode position to the usual laidback style of industry in eve.

We are based across lowsec & highsec near a major trade hub which is less than 10 jumps.

We are into industry and incursions to make isk with some PvP to burn that isk and to have some fun along the way.

We have a solid community of EU and US Tz guys but our alliance is wanting some more Of the old starbangledstripers so i’m appealling to you guys over the atlantic ocean.

If youre in highsec and want more than just melting veldspar for no apparent reason, then come and learn to PvP with us. Come and earn more isk in lowsec and enjoy yourself. Stop starring at that blank local chat screen filled with people you dont know and come and join a group that will actually talk, challenge and help you find the content you want to keep playing the game.

If you’re interested then please message me in game.

Sato Kixx

Another day another bump. Still recruiting.

Would recommend, I have had a great time!

Recruitment is Still Open. In Game Mail for details.

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