LHTC - Building for Null

We are LHTC. We were once HighSec industry guys, but we grew balls and moved to lowsec. We are not elite pvp, but we like a challenge and we have no fear in taking fights on we cannot win.

We want more balls, we want more characters, we want to know more pilots behind those keyboards.

We are doing things the hard way in Eve. We didn’t join a blue donut, but we made our own little blueberry pie and its growing. Now leaders of a Lowsec Alliance with aspirations of Nullsec. We want pilots to come and join our journey. We cant promise an easy life of easy isk, but we can give you content you will not get by joining a blob and its one hell of an uphill battle.

We are looking for Mic capable PvP pilots from the EU & US timezones, you dont need to be elite pvp, just the desire to learn and the passion to endure the struggle against the blob.

Discord: https://discord.gg/DUg4P9J

Our Talking In Stations Story: https://youtu.be/rKbE5tr8NEE


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