[-HC-] LHTC - Recruiting LowSec PvP Pilots

Welcome ladies & Gentlemen

We are LHTC, an industry/pvp corp part of the Hardly Competent Lowsec Alliance. We are looking for pilots that have an interest in joining us for our good fights.
We have regular roams through lowsec and nullsec and joint ops with our coalition alliances for big fights.

What we are looking for is people who are active between 12:00 to 04:00 eve server time. As we are split between eu & us timezones, we are looking for people for both.

We have an almost family like bond within our alliance of corps, there is plenty of nationalities plenty of guys willing to help direct people in making isk and improving their game.

What is important to us is to have fun together. Whether thats making isk, or out as a gang blowing stuff up.

Our aims are to move to nullsec in the future and we want you to come with us and build a lasting foundation. So leave a reply, say hello. I’ll get back to you.

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Another day, and we are still recruiting.

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We are still looking for more people to join our family for our active lowsec war.

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I can vouch for my good friend Sato Kixx here! You couldn’t find yourself in more capable hands! :sunglasses:

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