Lightdrummer Industries (active highsec corporation - 400+ members) is recruiting new and experienced pilots across all timezones

Greetings fellow capsuleer! o/

Lightdrummer Industries [ LTDRM ] is a very active (30+ online primetimes) US and EU highsec corporation based in Minmatar Highsec space of Molden Heath. We proudly call Gulfonodi our home system, which sits at a comfortable 5 jumps from Hek and 6 jumps from Rens. We are currently not war elligible.

Our corporation takes pride in its newbro friendly culture and friendly attitudes in general. Our core values revolve around being mature, friendly and helpful towards each other, which builds a very tight knit community. We house a mix of veteran players and newer players, which includes alpha accounts.

Other than a strong community culture we are engaged in a wide variety of highsec content, backed up with corporate officers who are knowledgeable and very willing to help players engage in their specific areas.

  • Mining (Daily Orca boost fleets, moon mining and HQ 1J from Ice mining)
  • Industry (Rigged structures for manufacturing, reprocessing and blueprint collections)
  • Mission running (frequent fleets that are open to newbros)
  • Triglavian Invasions (Daily fleets for Edencom)
  • Wormhole access (We own a wormhole with PI and combat opportunities)
  • Trade & Hauling (Proximity to two trade hubs and a market Azbel in Molden Heath)
  • Exploration (Access to our own WH, lowsec proximity and proximity to NPC null region)

With over 400 members we are likely to have members engaged in any type of content you currently wish to explore, making us a diverse group of gamers. Fleets of various content pop up daily and players who are new to specific content can easily find a mentor to guide them along the way.

An extensive corporate buyback program is in place for all your Ore/Minerals, Salvage, Mission Loot and Planetary Commodities for your convenience. We also enforce a 5% tax, which applies to mission rewards and NPC bounty collection.

There are no formal requirements within our corporation in terms of fleet participations, activity levels or killboards. You are free to engage in any content you want, when you want, as often as you want.

We also maintain ties to our Nullsec division for members who wish to grow into PVP and/or the nullsec life. While PVP is not discouraged in our highsec division, we are not actively pursuing PVP content on a corporate level.

If the above sounds like a good home, or if you just want to have a chat, feel free to drop by our public channel ‘LTDRM Rec’ for a friendly chat.

Note: We offer freighter support to move your belongings to our HQ if you are currently not located closeby.


We are still recruiting! A few brandnew capsuleers, as well as some returning bittervets have joined our ranks already, but we will keep the roster growing for now :slight_smile:

Hop on in our public channel for a chat!

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