Lightdrummer Industries - Veterans Supporting Greenhorns


Do you find yourself braving the vast emptiness of space alone and without direction? Are you a newborn looking for a corner of space to tame, exploit and call your own? Maybe you’re a grizzled veteran looking for a cause to put your years of experience towards - a group with whom you can share your wisdom.

Then you, Capsuleer, would be right at home in Lightdrummer Industries. At its core, LDI is a strong base of well traveled veterans who support and enable new Capsuleers to meet their true potential. LDI offers comprehensive programs to support new pilots through their stumbles as they gain their footing in this hostile and unforgiving galaxy.

We offer:

  • Frequent task-driven fleets, including orca boosted mining fleets, mission fleets, exploration training fleets, and salvage fleets.

  • A comprehensive material buyback program, offering a 90% Jita buy price for salvage, ore and planetary commodities.

  • A large, friendly community of over 130 pilots, many of whom have significant knowledge of the esoteric workings of New Eden.

  • 0% tax rate.

  • A robust new Capsuleer welfare program, offering replacements and reimbursals for low tier ships.

We require:

  • A friendly attitude.

Now, any shrewd Capsuleer would be asking what separates LDI from the dozens of other high-security industrial corporations in New Eden. We are located in one of the most unexploited regions in the galaxy, Molden Heath. Untouched by the mega mining corporations in Caldari and Gallente space, Molden Heath has an abundance of natural resources and a scarcity of pilots, allowing LDI miners access to the best stomping grounds one could ask for. Despite this, our home of Gelfiven is within short range of two major trade hubs, Rens and Hek, allowing easy access to all the goods you require just six jumps from home.

Begin your journey to wealth and glory, we certainly have.

Would you like to know more? Contact CEO Odnarb Lightdrummer, Recruitment Officer Jericho Daily or stop by our secure communications network ( ) and make the first step towards the rest of your career.

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