Lightdrummer Securities seeks members interested in Null Sec life

Light Drummer Securities is a member of The Commonwealth. A sov holding alliance in Etherium Reach (Drones!) and member of the PanFam coalition.

We are currently a small industrial and resource gathering corporation looking to expand our membership with the aim of becoming a part of the industrial backbone to a growing Null Sec alliance. We have access to mining anomalies, ratting, and other PvE or Isk making opportunities. We also have access to Strat Ops and regular PvP roams through our fellow Commonwealth corporations, and our neighbors and allies as a part of PanFam.

What we offer:

  1. A buy back program. We will purchase salvage, ore, planetary production products, and more for 90% of the Jita buy value according to Evepraisal.
  2. Sovereign null sec space as part of The Commonwealth. A small but growing alliance and current member in good standing of the PanFam coalition.
  3. Only 3 jumps to a well stocked regional market.
  4. Jump Freighter service from Jita to said regional market via our allies.
  5. A welcoming corporation with leadership that takes a hard stance against the use of slurs, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and fascist language. We want all our members to feel safe and welcome playing internet spaceships.

What we ask for:

  1. Omega Account Status
  2. A willingness to learn and accept polite constructive criticism
  3. A laid-back attitude. Please, remember it is all just a game
  4. The ability to fly entry level doctrine ships or better (t1 Caracal/Ferox/Scythe as examples)
  5. The ability to listen to and respond to voice-based communications like Discord, Team Speak, and Mumble. (If this is not possible please speak to a recruiter as we may be able make accommodations or exceptions under certain circumstances.)

Recruitment Channel: LTDRM Rec
Recruiters: Odnarb Lightdrummer, Grigory Loamsdown, Jaison Savrin

Hello everyone! LTSEC is still recruiting. We are seeking more industrialists, PvPers, Miners, and Cap pilots to help us grow into a force to be reckoned with. I am sure many of you have heard about the amazing fights happening in Delve. As a member of LTSEC you do get to go to those fights!

We are very much hoping to build up our late night NA west coast/AU/NZ timezones! Please don’t be shy and come say hi!

Closed at OP’s Request