MUSE LLP [MLLP] - 0.0 SOV corporation - Looking for capsuleers (PvE/PvP/Indy pilots welcome)

Current recruitment status:

= Open =

Metaphysical Utopian Society Explorations (MUSE)

MUSE logo

MUSE LLP [MLLP] is recruiting new members to our beloved corp.

About us:

MUSE LLP has a long and proud history in EVE, from its founding in 2010 to its current home in Razor Alliance. We’re a laid-back and relaxed group of pilots who love mining, industry, PvE, and PvP. “No Drama” is our one and only rule – we’re all here to fly together and have fun in our own unique ways. We’re open to experienced, returning, and new players, and we have opportunities for you whatever your skills and passion happen to be.

What we offer:

  • Industrial
    • Mining opportunity. Be it normal asteroids, ice or moon chunks, we have something for your liking
    • Production opportunity.
    • A nicely active market in our area with both alliance and coalition as your target audience.
    • Access to a robust library of blueprints (Originals and copies)
    • Ore/mineral/PI buyback program
  • PvE
    • Angel ratting space
    • Loot buyback program
  • PvP
    • Daily PvP opportunity
    • Great FCs
    • Corp and Alliance SRP
    • Corp provided ships if needed
  • General:
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • SOV holding in Detorid region
    • RL first
    • Training for new capsuleers to nullsec
    • Corp supplied logistics to get stuff moved
    • Empire feeder corp option

What we ask:

• Full API
• 5 mil SP
• Use of comms
• Active participation
• Relocate to null (we can help with logistics of moving)
• Help defend our space.
• Ability of flying an Interceptor is highly recommended

Why join?

Do you want a laid-back and drama-free environment where you can PvE, PvP, mine, or do industry with awesome people?
Do you like participating in fleets when you have time, without feeling like EVE is your second job?
Do you want the ability to connect with your new friends on Discord and TeamSpeak, but without mandatory participation 24/7/365?

If so, MUSE is your new home! We strike the perfect balance between excitement and casual enjoyment. There’s always stuff going on, but you play on your schedule and come when you want. When you have fun and prosper, so do we!

How to join?

You can find more info here

To apply, fill in our online application form and join our Discord

Want to get to speak with us in game?

Join our public channel: Undisclosed Desires

Or contact one of our HR team members:
Mestopoleous, Josah Nakrar, J’Poll, Maxpie

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Our first bump.

Recruitment still open and we have an entire HR team that is just playing poker and waiting for you to show up.

Recruitment still open.

Join our public channel and have a chat. Bother me and the other HR.
Open to both US and EU timezone players.

For all of you that are still looking to find a nice home somewhere in null-sec. Look no further, we are still accepting new pilots to join our friendly group of misfits.

Click the links in the post or just join our public chat if you want to know more about us.

Come on people, us recruiters are now getting quite bored playing poker.
Drop by in our public channel if you are looking for a nice laid back null-sec corp where the only rule we have:

No Drama.

But please hurry up, before @Josah_Nakrar suggest to switch to strip poker.

Better have a cam, otherwise it’s russian roulette.

Ooh damn, I would never have expected that Josah actually did take a look at the forums.

But to everybody looking for a nice new home in a cozy spot in null-sec, we are still have some rooms available.

We even have our own porter, that gladly takes your luggage from hi-sec down to your room in null-sec. And best of all, he doesn’t demand too much of a tip for it.

Come people, we are still recruiting and space is big enough for a couple of more capsuleers around us.

Don’t worry, we won’t bite.

Hello fellow capsuleers, we are still open for new people who want to join our ranks and have fun with us and the alliance in our own little home in nullsec

New week, new time to start getting those nice new people to see our glorious post.
Come over and check us out. I promise most of us won’t bite.

You got me where you said MUSE, as I’m a huge fan of Matt. I’ll try to up my game to see if can join the first team.

Thanks for your early help.

J’Poll definitely does not bite, but if that is your kink we have plenty of dweebs whom do.

Comes check out MUSE

War, war, war or if you prefer mining and building the world up. In MUSE we have both for you to partake of come check it out.

Do you want a laid-back and drama-free environment where you can PvE, PvP, mine, or do industry with awesome scintillating people? Come check us out in our public channel: Undisclosed Desires or join our Discord .

Don’t worry about Mest, he is a good recruiter too.

As I’m forced to take a break from EVE due to real life, I will let him take you under his wing.

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Recruitment is still open.

Join our public channel and have a chat. Come bother our HR (except J’Poll).

Looking for:

  • those whom like to shoot things that explode

  • those whom like to build stuff the explodes

  • those who explode

  • miners too but I cannot figure out how to say it so it fits

Still time to join up MUSE has decided to continue to be a permanent fixture.

you know it makes sense

Enjoy the rewards of nullsec without the drama
Join a corp with some history
And an alliance with even more
We aren’t about to disappear tomorrow, leaving you