MUSE LLP - 0.0 SOV corporation - Looking for capsuleers (PvE/PvP/Indy pilots welcome)

Current recruitment status:

= Open =

Metaphysical Utopian Society Explorations (MUSE)

MUSE logo

MUSE LLP [MLLP] is recruiting new members to our beloved corp.

About us:

MUSE LLP has a long and proud history in EVE, from its founding in 2010 to its current home in Razor Alliance. We’re a laid-back and relaxed group of pilots who love mining, industry, PvE, and PvP. “No Drama” is our one and only rule – we’re all here to fly together and have fun in our own unique ways. We’re open to experienced, returning, and new players, and we have opportunities for you whatever your skills and passion happen to be.

What we offer:

  • Industrial
    • Mining opportunity. Be it normal asteroids, ice or moon chunks, we have something for your liking
    • Production opportunity.
    • A nicely active market in our area with both alliance and coalition as your target audience.
    • Access to a robust library of blueprints (Originals and copies)
    • Ore/mineral/PI buyback program
    • R64 and R32 moons
  • PvE
    • Angel ratting space
    • Loot buyback program
  • PvP
    • Daily PvP opportunity
    • Great FCs
    • Corp and Alliance SRP
    • Corp provided ships for PVP fleets
  • General:
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • SOV holding in Detorid region
    • RL always comes first
    • Training for new capsuleers to nullsec
    • Corp supplied logistics to get stuff moved

What we ask:

• Full API
• 3 mill SP (We are flexible on this)
• Use of comms
• Active participation
• Relocate to null (we can help with logistics of moving)
• Help defend our space.
• Ability of flying an Interceptor is highly recommended

Why join?

Do you want a laid-back and drama-free environment where you can PvE, PvP, mine, or do industry with awesome people?
Do you like participating in fleets when you have time, without feeling like EVE is your second job?
Do you want the ability to connect with your new friends on Discord and TeamSpeak, but without mandatory participation 24/7/365?

If so, MUSE is your new home! We strike the perfect balance between excitement and casual enjoyment. There’s always stuff going on, but you play on your schedule and come when you want. When you have fun and prosper, so do we!

How to join?

To apply, Join our Seat Server then drop us a message in our Discord so we can chat and answer any questions you may have.

Want to get to speak with us in game?

Join our public channel: Muse Public

Or contact one of our HR team members:
Miles Deep Uta, Mestopoleous, Benihana Mayaki

Join up, getta shank, useah shank, profit!

We’ve got cookies!


Metaphysical Utopian Society Explorations

----- MUSE ------

Have SP? Will travel? Come shoot something with MUSE!

something =: rats, roids, structures, ships, people running away, bubbles, pods, each other

In hisec you can only walk on that bridge and dream


Once you are done with the last bit of drama in your corp which spams hisec with invites but only wants leaders of men. Come check us out.

We have been around a long while and wont failcascade once the 18 FCs in the command channel start to argue over which direction the reactionless engines for the ship should be aligned.

We are a mature, well-run corp and we invite you to check us out. Plenty of content and guaranteed support to anyone willing to make an effort and contribute. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I need a old miner . . .
. . . and a young miner

The power of Bob compels you!

Oh and recruiting is still open.

We offer cookies and freindships

I love my Corp, Alliance and Coalition leaders with all my heart!

Donate your wallet today.

Also recruitment is open.

Mommy needs another Levi!

Join us! Lively, active, and always have something going on.

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