MUSE LLP [MLLP] - 0.0 SOV corporation - Looking for capsuleers (PvE/PvP/Indy pilots welcome)

We are recruiting again.

Very interested in people whom like diggy diggy diggy.

We’ve got cookies and cream! You’re not getting any, but it might be a reason for you to join MUSE.

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Moon Goo to be had

Occasional deaths inevitable.

If you had joined MUSE

You would already be here (in a good way I’m not saying you would be exploding . . . unless you wanna?)

just here to bump the thread, and for cookies, we are honestly only mining and indy, honest, looks at MUSE ZKB feed nothing to see here…

Sometimes, sometimes

Get out of T5Z and join us in a better place!

Still Recruiting

YES I want to hear from YOU!

Come get some!

Recruiting still open.

We miss your tears

Come Taste the Rainbow with us.

Recruitment still open.

Join MUSE!!!

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Come from many Miles around and see the new face of MUSE,

where we now only push out feelings Deep.

\o/ Uta \o/

Happy new year! Now join MUSE.

Come Join us for a Lark.


Recruitment still open

Don’t make poor li’l Antarian go it alone!

No one sees us coming

Looking for 13 good (or not) men

I can bearly stand my greens, but we can go shoot reds together.

too be continued . . . . .

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