[Sov Null] Cypherdyne Industries (CI) seeking new and veteran pilots for PVP and Indy!

Who are we:
Cypherdyne Industries (CI) is a corporation of both new and experienced pilots who are looking to fulfill its own goals, as well as help members realize and fulfill their own. We are adults who like to hang out, chat on comms (usually PG13), build stuff and/or blow stuff up. We are pilots who try to make the most out of every second in EVE, whether in a ship, pod, or station because we value the time we have. We are a corp that promotes growth from within, and encourages members to take on positions and roles they want, or feel need to be filled.

We are surrounded by content and we are part of an alliance who has FCs who love that we are staged right next to some of the most violent regions of Low and Null. We would like to get our calendar to include mining fleets, scheduled roams, as well as mixers involving some combination of PvE and the poison of your choice. We are excited to be part of a strong alliance, giving us access to new friends, fleets, and content in the Fade area. We encourage all our members to try their hand at content creation, whether that’s through solo PvP, FCing our fleets, organizing group PvE, leading some form of industry, or just being a character.

Our corp takes pride in a healthy balance between competence and fun. All of our pilots have the drive to learn more and improve PvP skills. But we never forget that this is our hobby and it’s all about fun in the end. When real life calls, answer the door. We’ll be here waiting for ya.

Our goals are simple at this point in time. We have more ambitious goals to come in the future but find a need for more members to do so.

We have 2 divisions that we are developing.Our PVP division, which includes PVE engagements and ISK earning, as well as our Industry Division, which provides mining fleets and manufacturing opportunities.Our officers are good at training our newer pilots. They are equipped to help with skill plans, fits, and character progression.

What You Get:

Great People: We insist on mature members who demonstrate wit, humor and professionalism. No ignorant behavior toward others will be tolerated. We “GF” in local win or lose.

Actual Friends: Our core group has been playing Eve together for about a year, and we are friends out of game too. As friends with deep roots, we have cultivated a fun, collaborative, zero-drama atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if we ask your real first name and try to get to know you. And we’re not shy either so also don’t be surprised if you get to know us on a personal level, too.

Leadership: We have seasoned leadership with a proven track record. Our decision-making is consistently transparent, thoughtful and well-planned.

Supportive: We encourage all of our members to be engaged, take risks, create content, and help us to build our presence in the game. Want to FC or otherwise help us blow stuff up? Well, you’ll find plenty of support here! We welcome Indy and PvP veterans and new players. Our small size allows us to provide attendance to new Pilots with individualized attention and advice. While most of our veterans are ISK-independent, we have some money-making opportunities that will help any player support their fix!

We are committed to make Eve fun and accessible to working adults. We balance fun, improvement, and real life.

Want to fly and blow people up? Want to pound asteroids out of existence? Want to be a carrier pilot eventually? We will help you formulate a plan to get to your goal as soon as possible. Interested in fleet operations for the future? Our fleets of corp members will fly with you and help you learn the ins and outs of fleets.

Applicant Requirements & Next Steps:

We prefer applicants who are USTZ and Indy/PvP-oriented, but if you are in the EU/AU please apply. We are looking to strengthen our Corp with other TZs. CI hopes to see you in at least one fleet per week. That said, we do not see ourselves as “elitists” - we are still learning (and making mistakes) every day! We also expect all members to be active on our message board and Discord.

Does this capture your interest? Do you want to fly with a group of fun and dedicated pilots who want to enjoy their experience in Eve? If you are interested, we encourage you to get in touch with us by doing any or all of the following:

Join our discord and ask for a recruiter: https://discord.gg/5fjMNpx
Join the channel “CI External” and make some new space-friends

Send in-game mail/convo to Natrayle Kale, Moose Estemaire, Dmitri Krylov or Katar Undine.


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