MUSE LLP [MLLP] - 0.0 SOV corporation - Looking for capsuleers (PvE/PvP/Indy pilots welcome)


Metaphysical Utopian Society Explorations

Metaphysical Utopian Society Explorations :heart_eyes:

Best corp in Eve!

Have SP? Will travel? Come shoot something with MUSE!

something =: rats, roids, structures, ships, bubbles, pods, each other

Current recruitment status:

= Open =

. . . . still, show up and have a beer.

In hisec you can only walk on that bridge and dream



Recruitment is still open!
Come out and join us in nullsec and fly under the flag of our alliance RAZOR, and our coalition FIRE!

Once you are done with the last bit of drama in your corp which spams hisec with invites but only wants leaders of men. Come check us out.

We have been around a long while and wont failcascade once the 18 chiefs in the kitchen start to argue over which direction the sails for the ship should be aligned.

I need a old miner . . .
. . . and a young miner

The power of Bob compels you!

Oh and recruiting is still open.

We offer cookies and freindships