Lighthouse Corp is recruiting! :gentlemanparrot: US/AU/EUTZ PvP Corporation :gentlemanparrot: Getting Better, Together

Lighthouse Corp [LCP.] is recruiting!

Founded on the belief that getting engaging content with cool group of people shouldn’t be difficult, Lighthouse Corp has be steadily growing and working to make this possible for its players. We are a medium sized PvP corporation that is active in low/null security space and is down for fights.

What we can offer:

  • Frequent small gang roams in some of the most active PvP regions in the game
  • Veteran players willing to help improve your fitting theory, give advice, or just fleet up with
  • Atmosphere that allows you to improve your PvP skills. Killboard isn’t everything here, but you shouldn’t be a ‘feeder’
  • Active membership nearly covering all timezones, although the corp is primarily late US/AUTZ
  • Discord Comms
  • Overarching goals that are actually fun to work towards and be a part of

What we’re looking for

  • Reasonably mature players looking to engage in or become better at PvP.
  • Industry players looking for opportunities in low security space. When we say industry, we mean more than just munching on rocks :wink:
  • 7 million SP limit. But if you’re returning, you should get a handle on the mechanics and UI before you come to lower security space.
  • Active players. You don’t have to log in everyday, but you should be able to be on a few times a week. Real Life always comes first, just don’t disappear on us

If this corporation sounds like the place for you feel free to reach out to our recruiters Zach Stahl [US], Havoc Randomized [EU] or CEO Varrius Durmire. Feel free to hop into our public channel LCP Public as well.

Be the Light, Capsuleer! Bring content to New Eden!

Proud to fly with Lighthouse. Having a blast in FW and getting those kills!!!

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Still recruiting! Join us in the front lines of Oicx!

Still taking on capsuleers!

Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting new pilots!

Still looking for new members! Recently just hit 50!

Still recruiting! Corp activity grows every day!

Still recruiting! Still growing! Most importantly, Still Active!

Still looking for more solid pilots!

Still Recruiting! Still Thriving!

Still Recruiting! Looking to expand our EUTZ with more players!

Dank Roams, Dank Frags, Dank ISK!

Friendly Recruiting Bump!

Looking to Bolster our EUTZ. Stop in our public chat LCP Public for more info!

Steady growing and looking for more capsuleers!

Bumpin’ because we’re still kickin’

Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting!