Lil Gamers - Guided Steps into Null for Newer Players - US TZ

In-game channel: ‘LILAB Public’

Lil’ Gamers [LILAB] offers a guided progression into null for newer players. We give pilots a chance to transition from high sec into null sec with support and guidance from experienced members in an inclusive environment. Recruits are encouraged to develop and make ISK at their own pace; we do not have mandatory fleet attendance or the expectations of a large null bloc.

What this looks like:

For new pilots, including Alphas:

  • High-sec mining. We have structures set up in high sec for you to mine and get boosts, even if you’re just starting in a Venture. Recruits are encouraged to mine while training core skills, ask for advice on Discord, and build up initial ISK. We provide ships, logistics, ore buyback, compression services, and the like.

  • High-sec PvE. We offer free PVE frigates and Abyssal Filaments, as well as weekly PvE fleets. We also offer loot buyback.

For those ready to try null:

  • Protected sov pocket. We have a pocket of sov null set up where you can rat, mine (including ice), do planetary interaction, exploration, and so on. We will help players get safely set up in null and provide jump freighter services for getting ships and items in/out.

Interested in PVP:

  • Participation in select fleet fights. Though purely optional, if players are interested in PVP and have trained sufficient skills they may (with guidance) participate in certain fleet engagements. These are normally small (3-10 pilots) to medium scale (10-50 pilots) and offer a way to get experience and learn from veteran players.

More Info:

  • Join Discord and ask questions.
  • Join ‘LILAB Public’ in-game channel.
  • Eve-mail CEO or recruiters: Ikeya Yassavi (CEO), Estradia Echerie

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