Limit corp hanger withdrawal

so i have finaly decided to promote some of my pilots and in doing so i want to give them LIMITED access to one of the corp hangers and limit the amount of (goods) they can remove at any one time/day.

is it possible to limit how much they can withdrawal and if it is how do i do it.


There is no way to limit how much except by limiting the contents of the compartments the pilots have access to.

You can use secure containers in a hanger to log whoever unlocks an item, though it won’t explicitly tell you who takes it. For this to work, you have to deny container take access, otherwise the entire secure container can be stolen at once.

What I did was create a secure container space, configured it to auto lock any items placed inside, and left it without a password to unlock items. Any items inserted are logged, and any items unlocked are logged. I made the logs accessible by anyone as well so that anybody could audit the container who wanted to.

This won’t prevent theft, but it does let you identify a thief and remove them from the corporation promptly instead of allowing a thief to sow seeds of distrust and malcontent.


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