Linux launcher key details

The native Linux launcher is at this point considered retired, please see this post for details.

We recommend Steam and Proton (5.0-10 works best at the time of posting) as the easiest option for playing EVE on Linux. As always, we caution open source capsuleers that Linux is an unsupported operating system, and we do not guarantee the viability of this option.

Launcher version: retired
Launcher download link: retired
Shipped wine version: Wine-4.4-Staging

14/07/2021 - Retired
17/07/2020 - Launcher 1747682 - Almost a full years worth of changes :sweat_smile:
07/08/2019 - Launcher 1543721 - Bugfix for very old processors experiencing thread starvation
04/07/2019 - Launcher 1532453 - Fix issue with 64bit flag forgetting setting on launcher restart
28/05/2019 - Launcher 1514997 - Added 64bit checkbox to settings
14/05/2019 - Bumped release wine to wine staging 4.4 32/64bit, paving the way for a 64 bit client build