List of EVE Online Streamers

(ISD Eshtir) #1

Hello everyone,

Are you streaming EVE on Twitch or Youtube? Reply here with your ingame name and a link to your streaming channel, as well as a few details about your stream. I will make a nice list out of it.


(ISD Eshtir) #2


(ISD Eshtir) #3


(ISD Eshtir) #4

(Uhtreddd) #5


YouTube :

IGN = Uhtreddd

Content Focus - A variety of PvE & PvP, 12hrs a day Mon-Friday. Major focus on answering questions for new & returning players. o7

(Momiji Sakora) #6

IGN = Momiji Sakora

Content Focus - Usually streaming from Jita undock, or live from a cloaky tengu at large battles around New Eden - presented as a live news feed in the style of The Scope. At the present moment there is no scheduled broadcasts for now.

(DrMaddog) #7

Drmaddog is my ingame in case it wasn’t obvious by the avatar.

I do stupid crap like ratting in a super, roaming null looking for low hanging fruit “PVP”. But I mostly spend my time yelling at my viewers for not playing the game to their standards or how “they would do it”. Real engaging stuff if unless you dont open your mouth.

(Tyrendian Biohazard) #8

I don’t really stream much anymore, but I’ll throw it out there as I’m still active behind the scenes. Mostly new player Q&A and PVP.


I also work on the tech side of the EVE NT TV channel. Helping develop and implement solutions for multistream broadcasts, tournaments, overlays, tools, etc.


(Manic Velocity) #9

In-Game: Manic Velocity

I record fake “sponsor” commercials for EVE-related goods and services. Among these are ads for Quafe, a Fedo petting zoo, and a sketchy hydrostatic fluid cleansing service. Occasionally I will have exclusive interviews with other EVE players regarding the latest EVE controversy. The most recent was a discussion on the recent fighter nerf. And some asshat who will remain unnamed will pop into my stream from time to time to let me know all the things I’m doing wrong.

Oh, and I also solo roam in lowsec and play terrible dubstep music.

(Oddsodz) #10

In-Game Name = Oddsodz

Filthy casual streamer. More of a support act than the real deal. Moslty PvP when I have ISK to do it.

(Hamektok Hakaari) #11

I am typing his on mobile so beware.

I stream on twitch at:

IGN: Hamektok Hakaari

I primarily focus on industry with a closer connection to mining :slight_smile:

(Meredudd) #12

In-game name - Meredudd

I stream as a co-host of the Mindclash Podcast at Monday’s 7pm pst / Tuesday eve time 02:00. We are a eve talk show that discuss the eve news of the week, player news, spotlight players and corps outside the big blocks, and drill down on one big topic which varries every week. The show is 60 to 90 min on and uploaded to YouTube and a podcast source near you. I occasionally stream other eve gameplay and event coverage. We just passes 42 weekly episodes and almost know what all the buttons on OBS do… If you like taking in stations, declarations of war or the open comms show (all great), you might like the Monday night Mindclash. Live on twitch.

Personal stream -

(Kael Decadence) #13

(Chance Ravinne) #16

Hey everyone I’m WINGSPANTT, the 4th Best Commentator on YouTube. As CEO of WINGSPAN Delivery Services, my channel is focused on covert ops, stealth ammunition delivery, and of course… Customer Service V.

I’m supposedly very bad at EVE Online, but on my channel you can watch me dismantle terrible corporations, solo 8-person fleets, or stalk defenseless Iteron Vs for weeks before finally decloaking and failing to kill it.

While I’m not the most prolific uploader, I strive for video length and storytelling over frequency and LOUD MUSIC. Also, I’m not a big fan of the topic title of “streamer” since IMO streaming and edited videos are hugely different media… not everything can or should be streamed!

(Tatius Jorgstern) #17

Hello there!

Video content:


I produce EVE tutorials (including alpha-friendly content) for core gameplay aspects along with some EVE cinematic videos.

I also stream to both YouTube Gaming & Twitch, interviewing various in-game personalities, highlighting other content creators and FCing viewers’ fleets.


(FranktheBank Pay2Win) #18

IGN: FranktheBank Pay2Win

Channel: (Same channel as the nerd up there ^^)

Focus - Showing people how to welp ships.

(morgan starkiller) #19

IGN: morgan starkiller
I do solo and small gang roams
and also dual stream my show on wensdays from 16:00 - 19:00 UTC

(Planet 6) #20

i stream twice a year

i post the greatest memes of them all, twice a year.

(Azur'e) #21

I stream on occasion, usually do giveaway streams.
IGN: Azur’e
twitch channel:

(DaOpa) #22

IGN: DaOpa

Primary Stream URL:



Description: Been streaming primarily EVE Online since 2010, I cover a majority of the biggest battles live on the stream. Also do alot of PVE and Industry content on stream and answer questions in chat from the general public about EVE.