Little change in the public courier contract window

As a regular DST and BR hauler, I’d like to see this change in the public courier contract window:

When your destination is set you can see the other contracts that are on your route. There is a lot of system in Eve and we can’t remember all of them. So let say your destination is Amarr and you have 15 jumps to go, the contracts that are on your route can be highlighted, like in the asset window where you see your asset highlighted in yellow following your route.
It can be highlighted in different colors for same destination, few jumps away, etc…
The goal is to take another contract en route if we have space in cargo.

What do you think?

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I’d like that, I’d also like to be able to flag specific item types and have a heads up when my route passes through a system where they are for sale

Hey, That’s a good idea too!

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