Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Return the ability to see Sub-Material Popups in Industry Window.

Note: In the industry window when manufacturing we can see the materials on the left. In many case these are different Categories of materials (PI, Reactions, Minerals, etc). We used to be able to hover over an icon next to these and see the full list of Just That Category (cost, amt, etc). And the of course all categories feed into another icon next to the blueprint which totals up all the materials in one list.

The Icon for each category is still there BUT there is no right-click menu attached to it and we can no longer see the sub-totals for that category. we can also no long use the icon to copy and paste - into spreadsheets - the info of just that category.

Please Fix.

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Suggestion: Put the ansiblex in the same spot as Jump gates when sorting by icon
Keywords: ui, overview, sorting
Note: Makes it clearer in your overview to identify jump gates


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Does not make much sense, as mining yield is not fixed.

Suggestion: Overheat persistence through jumps, ability to toggle overheat when cloaked
Keywords: Overheat, Jump, Cloak
Note: It’s been 5 years since someone last asked for this so I thought it was time to refresh the memory. Please implement overheat status persistence through jumps and/or the ability to toggle overheat status while cloaked (both gate and normal cloak).


Suggestion: Add custom route save option.
Keywords: UI, Navigation

I will copy paste here the link to my closed thread. I would still love to see this feature added to the navigation system.

Notice to CCP developers: Some person on Reddit suggested using or making the 3rd party app. Is this the direction this game is heading? Are you just going to use the talents of other programmers to make add-ons for your game? To me this sounds like an easy task for your in house crew to work out.

I was playing yesterday and using the existing management tool in the game, I found your auto-pathing system gave me two different routes when plotting out a round trip. The route on the way to my destination was shorter by two jumps but crossed through 2 low sec systems. I had my setting for shortest route selected. I assume you know the reason for this anomaly better than I do?

Edited for format and added example of routing anomaly.

The devs wont see this. There is a specific way to make a thread here for them to see.

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Suggestion: Add a keybind to loot-all the selected ship
Keywords: ui
Note: Makes it easier to operate the game from the keyboard.

This came up for me doing Waylaid Courier sites for the faction war event while traveling with my laptop. I got pretty good at operating the game from the keyboard, but had to switch to trackpad to loot each container.

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@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thank you, however I couldn’t help but notice the comment above mine clearly states;

It’s been 5 years since someone last asked for this…

Thus, I don’t have high expectations for them to make any QoL changes.

it all depends on what is easy to do. The whole point of this thread is for a dev on their own time, to work on stuff that is supposed to be easy to implement or is a QoL. These are things that CCP Karkur or others work when they are not in the office… if its too difficult for one or two devs to code into game, then its not a “little thing”

All ship skin previews look like this. The image extends beyond the borders. This has been a thing since Photon UI was introduced


I think that’s a bug in need of a fix, rather than a QoL suggestion. I’ve filed a bug report ingame about it earlier.


State Navy Phoenix Caldari Police Skin suggestion
Can we have the State Navy Phoenix Caldari Police Skin?And Caldari Police Skin can add normal state flash effects? It’s as shiny as the Galente Police skin, and I think a lot of people will buy it!

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Suggestion: Add cleanship to right-click menu
Keywords: ui, clean ship
Note: Add Cleanship to the right-click menu.
The Cleanship button is now located away from the Customization tab in the Equipment window and the Close window button.
If I could right-click the ship in the shiphanger while it was in port and select Clean Ship from the right-click menu,
It makes my daily cleaning so much easier.
Thank you.

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But why clean it?


Suggestion: Ability to share stored fleet setups via links in chat
Keywords: ui, fleet
Note: Should be able to load the setup immediately or store it for future use

Currently the easiest way to pass down fleet setups for standing fleets is by handing fleet boss over to a new character and then having them save the fleet setup. Let us cap off the second decade by bringing sharing stuff via chat links to this one forgotten corner (I’m sure there’s others).

Also we should be able to immediately load the setup in case its not something we always want, or perhaps we just find it easier to keep a chat channel with stuff like this so we can readily use and maintain them across multiple accounts.

And while were at it, lets be able to import/export fleet setups via a file as well. Oh and let the fleet setup store an advert (or should that be a second feature all its own)

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That has been around since I can remember.

Bugreport it.

Suggestion: Rename “Armored Command Mindlink” to “Armor Command Mindlink” and the skills Armored Command/Armored Specialist as well.
Keywords: UI, implants, text, inconsistency

It just occurred to me that the Armor Mindlink is the only mindlink that does have a different name than the bonus category it supports. The command burst modules are not called “Armored Command Burst” but “Armor Command Burst”. This creates a weird disconnect between the 2 types and the rest of the command burst/mindlinks because there is no Shielded Command Mindlink or Shielded Command Burst, but instead only the consistent “Shield Command Burst/Shield Command Mindlink”.

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Suggestion: Disallow or immediately cancel contracts made to abandoned or decommissioned structures.
Keywords: Market, Contract

Help prevent scams involving players destroying their structure. Currently, the player has no method of determining whether a structure is abandoned or decommissioned just by looking at the contract.

shareable containers between accounts.
not going to spend 4b/month for a jita corp office