Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #147

CCP won’t touch wardec’s. They would loose at least 7 players. More importantly the tears from merc/grief corps would cause too great a rise in global sea levels.

(Black Pedro) #148

I’m not sure that is a “little thing” or a “QoL” change, but perhaps if it is then can they also make it so CONCORD would rarely (<10% chance) declare war between two random corporations, including the NPC ones.

Quite simply there just aren’t enough balanced wars happening so perhaps randomly assigning them would make for some more “gud fights”.

(Tora Bushido) #149

Suggestion: Make the overheat button a bit bigger.
Keywords: ui
Note: Stress and small buttons dont mix well.

(Tora Bushido) #150

Suggestion: Dont set focus on new chat popups
Keywords: ui
Note: It’s extremely annoying when you’re typing in a chat to someone, a new popup gets focus (on the deny option), you press enter and you cancel a chatrequest not knowing who it was. It’s rude and bad for business. :yum:

(Veskin Sentinel) #151

You can hold ‘Shift’ and click on a module to overheat it. :slight_smile:

(Matt Vane) #152

Suggestion: Remove remaining DUST elements
Keywords: UI, antiquated elements
In the chat there are two places that still have DUST elements, one being the member List settings that still has a “display infantry members” tickbox, and the other being the general chat settings which still has a “Highlight Infantry Messages” tickbox. These two tickboxes are no longer needed and could be removed.

Number 2:
Suggestion: fix a missing texture in the icons when training Industry 5
Keywords: UI, missing elements
When training industry 5 there are three icons that appear next to the skill in the skill queue, one representing the blueprints unlocked, one representing the skills unlocked, and one representing the special assets blueprints unlocked. However, the special assets blueprint icon is missing its texture and causes there to be a blank space in between the other two icons. As such, the texture should be added back to fix this issue.

(Matt Vane) #153

Suggestion: Remove the large holograms of PI buildings that appear when the buildings are selected.
Keywords: UI, PI, visibility
Notes: Currently when setting up/modifying/running PI there are large holograms of the buildings that appear directly above any building once the building is selected. However, these holograms cover nearby buildings as well, depending on how zoomed in you are, and make it difficult to select these other buildings. This in turn makes it hard to set links, set routes, use expedited transfer, or just generally moving to the next extractor. If these holograms are removed, it will become easier to see your PI setup and also easier to maintain.

Suggestion: Notification on completion on Industry job and research job
keyword: notification, industry
Notes: currently there are no notifications for a player when they complete an industry job or a research job, not sure about invention because I have never done any, which means that it is hard for the player to find out in an easy manner if their job has been completed because the industry window is very slow a lot of the time. The player has to end up remembering when their job completes from the last time they checked, check randomly at various times when they are logged on, or use a service such as EveMon, which tells them when an industry/research job is completed. However, if a notification is generated when the player completes a job, it would be vary easy for the player to find out that a job has been completed and start a new job. In general, the player knows when a job completes and then can immediately start another job.

(Elementatia) #154

Suggestion: See rig bonuses of structures in structure browser
Keywords: ui, production

As a producer i want to see the installed rigs (and the boni it gives) in the structure browser, so i can select the appropiate station for producing fast…

(Apheon) #155

Suggestion: List killrights by time remaining and make them searchable
Keywords: UI
Note: They are currently displayed randomly (as far as i can tell)

Managing a large number of killrights for sale on multiple accounts is difficult with no rhyme or reason as to how they are currently sorted. Selling them all based on the security status of the aggressor and lowering the price as the time remaining nears it end is very difficult and time consuming when searching through these long lists that are not sorted or even sortable. The confirmation box for Make Killright Unavailable also needs option to Suppress Message as these can be easily reapplied and have no real loss if you accidently made one unavailable. Displaying info such as sec status would also help me personally but i dont think it matters to most. clicking on every link to character info is also time consuming.

(Apheon) #156

Suggestion: Add avoidance options to autopilot for Avoid High Sec, Avoid Low Sec, Avoid Null Sec, Avoid Faction Warfare
Keywords: UI
Note: I currently have to input 27 faction warfare constellations manually every time i create an account

(Candice Tauen) #157

Suggestion: Add visual progression of the invulnerability timer at the exit of the stations in the top left corner of the screen, like the “jump cloak timer” or the “jump fatigue timer” etc.
Keywords: UI
Note: When you go through a stargate, you have the visual progression of the “jump cloak timer”. Why don’t we have the same thing at the exit of stations ? It would be very convenient because counting the seconds in your head when you’re under pressure with pirates, wardeccers in front of you …

(twoflower Secret) #158

Suggestion: Make (BPO) lockdown available at all stations and citadels
Keywords: UI, Lockdown
Note: For us it only works on a single station (home).

I can only lockdown BPO’s and valuable assets in a single station (marked as our homebase).
All other do not even give me the needed menu option (other stations/citadels).

(twoflower Secret) #159

We only had an issue of accidental shooting a fleet member and loosing a costly ship due to concord intervention. So had to set corp’s friendly fire to allowed (which scares off newbies).
Would be handy for level 4 missions.

So I would like to see a split in friendly fire options (so be able to specify it both for fleet and non fleet ops)

(Nunosh) #160

Suggestion: be able to exclude blueprint’ contracts from the search
Keywords: contracts, trade

since the sell/buy contracts for blueprints are almost a different market, we should be able to exclude those contracts from our search the same way we can remove multiple items

most of the times, people that are searching for blueprints are not the same as the ones looking for already built componentes

(Evaldia) #161

There is an option to filter for specific types of items, have you considered to use that?

(Captain Panther) #162

Sugestion: Implement tools to rearrange ships in Ship hangar and corp hangars by some containers or categories
Keywords: ui, hangar, qol, items
Note: Implement new ship container items for Ship hangar or folder/label system to be able to store ships in different folders like containers which will be created by user

(Kythrol Dhorin) #163

Suggestion - An option for smaller icons in hangars and cargo icon view mode
Keywords - ui, hangar, qol, cargo
Note - Easier to use in space, free up screen real estate

Hey, when looting the wrecks of my space victims I find that I struggle for screen space. The icons are too large requiring lots of scroll time and the list and details options also take up too much horizontal screen space to see all the juicy info. Therefore if there were an option to have the icon size from the details view tab as the main/alternate icon view tab that would be very helpful.

(Nunosh) #164

@Evaldia what I use to look is for multi items’ contracts with several modules that I can resell in one of the hubs, we have a tick to allow us to remove multiple items’ contracts from the search but I want the other way around.
Do you know any other way to search? usually I try to reduce the amounts’ limits so I can have less contracts on the same search or try to find a particular module and then look only on the multiple items’ results

(Erethond) #165

Suggestion - Return scanner probes as a stack in inventory
Keywords - inventory, probes
When recalling probes after scanning in a system, they return as 8 individual probes. It would make for easier inventory management if they were in a stack and, ideally, added to previously existing stacks if any are present.

(Drammie Askold) #166

^This^, please.