Live in JSpace with us. Monolithic Juggernaut [MONO1]

We. Want. You. If you have played long enough to know what Jspace is, you are likely ready for it. Good scanning skills, a religious level of pushing your “V” key on the keyboard, and a loss of fear of dying every once in a while is all you need. Well, not all, but a good base, for sure. We can help with the rest. You have PI/Hauling/Indy alts? They have a place too, and can continue in those same endeavors.
It is time to evolve. It is time to take your game a level or two up. Your isk wallet will thank you for sure. And you might learn a new level of appreciation for Eve and everything it can offer.
We are a growing (that’s where YOU come in) group of players that love the game and enjoy having people to play it with. We promote a Life-Comes-First approach to the game. As such, we do not require participation in ops of any kind. It’s fun to be a part of ops, but you shouldn’t be penalized because you cant make it, or simply choose not to.
Come find a new home, a new approach to the game, and new friends to fly with. Our home system is a C2 with C2/LS static connections. This really makes it easy to get into Jspace and learn how to live in the upper layer of New Eden.
Though a majority of our players are active in USTZ, we want players from all time zones.
Come talk with us on Discord and see if we are a good fit for each other:

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