WH corporation Monolithic Juggernaut wants pilots of all backgrounds

We want you, industrialist. We want you, solo explorer. Small gang PVPer? Of course we want you. Mission runner getting burned out by the grinds? There is more to Eve than LP! It is no secret the JSpace is very nice to a pilot’s wallet. Best part is the content changes everyday but the payout potential doesn’t.
If you are at a point in your Eve career that you are looking for something “more” I want you to come talk with us. There is isk to be made! Why not come make it for yourself? Apply the skills you have already developed and use them to a better advantage.
Industrialists - you can still chew rocks all you want. The rocks in JSpace taste better! There is gas too, enough to wonder why you have been mining in HS all these months.
Explorers, I mean, what can I say? you’ve been here at least a few times. Data and relic sites abound. And you dont have to compete for hundreds of other pilots using The Agency to see the next system has sigs and beating you to them. Many days you can get an entire system’s sites to yourself!
PvPers? you already know whats up. Constant access to mutliple areas of Empire space, with better gtfo options than a hopefully uncamped gate. Small gang roams, ad-hoc engagements, the thrill of dscanning down a hapless explorer running a relic site? you know what I’m talking about. Even better in Jspace cause they won’t dock up when local goes +1.
Mission runners. Your level 4 fit can likely solo most low class wormhole combat sites. The isk per hour increase is more than enough to pay for more ships should you lose one. But even more, your knowledge of how to fit that ship will help.
Simply put, We. Want. You. If you have played long enough to know what Jspace is, you are likely ready for it. Good scanning skills, a religious level of pushing your “V” key on the keyboard, and a loss of fear of dying every once in a while is all you need. Well, not all, but a good base, for sure. We can help with the rest. You have PI/Hauling/Indy alts? They have a place too, and can continue in those same endeavors.
It is time to evolve. It is time to take your game a level or two up. Your isk wallet will thank you for sure. And you might learn a new level of appreciation for Eve and everything it can offer.
We are a small but growing (that’s where YOU come in) group of players that love the game and enjoy having people to play it with. We promote a Life-Comes-First approach to the game. As such, we do not require participation in ops of any kind. It’s fun to be a part of ops, but you shouldn’t be penalized because you cant make it, or simply choose not to.
Come find a new home, a new approach to the game, and new friends to fly with. Our home system is a C2 with C2/LS static connections. This really makes it easy to get into Jspace and learn how to live in the upper layer of New Eden.
Though a majority of our players are active in USTZ, we want players from all time zones.
Come talk with us on Discord and see if we are a good fit for each other:

Another great day in New Eden awaits. Come chat with us if you are ready to make a change!

Have had several people hop into our Discord and chat with us. We have a couple of new members, and still growing. We might just be the kind of group you are looking for. Hope to talk with you soon.

Had a pilot join our ranks today. Looking forward to flying with him. Are you next? Come hop in our Discord and have a chat!

Monolithic Juggernaut continues to grow!

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