Load Up Blast Everything [-LUBE] [EU/AU] Get paid to do Fleets and Krab all you like

still going

still going…

looking for more dudes!

Get paid to do Capital fleets, Roams and even Stealth bombing runs!
Great PvE space and a laid back no drama corp

Recruiting is opened back up

New and Experienced players welcome, we have something for everyone

Some of the Best isk making space around
Plus you get paid to do fleets and shoot stuff
Plus Alliance Ship Replacement Program

Still open, inbox me !!

Come join us, its easier with LUBE

Recruiting currently on hold

If you would like to know when it opens again just eve mail me in game


Get paid to do fleets, Generous SRP
And lots of LUBE

The best kind of benefits you could expect, large and small scale fleets, any kind of pve you could imagine, friendly corp members - all could be yours!, message me or Indiana Jars!

Looking for people who are team players and eager to learn
We will show you how to PvP and PvE in nullsec
Make losts of isk
kill lots of ships
Talk lots of ■■■■ :wink: