-LUBE up and have fun!

-LUBE (Load Up Blast Everything) is recruiting.

We are a small and friendly Null-sec corp who are opening their doors for recruitment again.

Our corp / alliance have players across all time zones (largest being AU) and we are inviting new & experienced players to join us.

We don’t just focus on one aspect of Eve and don’t mind whether you like to mine, pve, build stuff or pvp.

What we can offer:-

  • PVP fleets (whether thats small roaming or big slugfests)
  • good ratting / PVE space
  • great mining opportunities (ore belts, ice belts and some nice moons)
  • established and frequent courier logistics
  • SRP program for alliance fleets
  • help for new players to settle into Null sec
  • access to manufacturing & industry citadels
  • fleet participation payments (do over a certain number of fleets in a month and get paid for them)

What do we ask in return?

  • mainly that you have fun and enjoy yourself
  • some participation in alliance fleets
  • that you get on with your corpmates etc (we’re not keen on drama and just like a relaxed atmosphere and a laugh)
  • be able to hop on teamspeak so you can chat to your corpmates or join in on fleets
  • submit a full unlimited API/SSO token for vetting

If you’re interested or have any questions then either:-

  • contact Indiana Jars, Able Citizen or myself (EthicsGradient) in game
  • hop into the ‘LUBE Recruitment’ channel or
  • go onto our recruitment Discord channel:-

If no-one is about or is able to reply immediately then leave us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Fly safe,

Bumpity bump

Hello there space nerds. Still looking for people to destroy and assemble internet space pixels in a variety of interesting ways.

That time of day again.

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with the renegade master

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