LUBE - The most fun you can have with your clothes on [AU/EU/US]

If you like any of the following, then -LUBE is the corp for you:

  • Explosions
  • Unlimited isk
  • Friends
  • Mature Humor
  • Free Ships
  • An actual decent leadership
  • Impenetrable Intel and protection
  • High truesec

Here at LUBE we offer all the explosions, PVP and fleet combat you could ask for; from 6200 man keepstar fights (see 9-4 battle) to small gang warfare and lots of killmails.

If PVP isn’t what you’re after then we offer some of the best Ratting and Mining space in all of New Eden; with a high truesec and the best ice, moon and ore mining around and all the ratting anoms you could ever want, you will never be short of isk.

Use your newly mined minerals to build in the manufacturing, research and capital construction citadels to make your own stuff or buy anything you want from the large market of the Darkness alliance where we have a good supply of anything you could ask for.

All of this and more under the Super Capital defense umbrella of darkness if ever you needed help against the bad guys.

But wait! Theres more!

Due to LUBE being part of one of the biggest alliances in the game (Darkness) you will receive additional benefits on top of the defense umbrella:

  • Alliance Ship replacement Program (SRP)
  • Competent Alliance Leadership
  • Ship subsidization programs
  • A cheap, fully developed Jump freighter service
  • Some of the best allies you could ask for
  • All this and more

Interested? Well this is what we require from you:

  • 25 Million Skill Points
  • The ability to fly at least an Interceptor and to train into doctrine ships on arrival into the corp
  • A small degree of fleet participation in alliance fleets
  • Use of Teamspeak (voice communication) to be able to listen to orders in fleets and to corp leadership
  • A full and unlimited API/SSO token to make sure that you are not a spy

Still interested?
Contact myself in game or join the “LUBE Recruiting” Channel in game and we can talk to you from there to begin the process.

Available times:
“Templex en Daire” - Available 9AM - 11AM & 10PM - 12AM EVE Time Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Wednesday and Thursday: 9AM - Midnight EVE Time
“Indiana Jars” - Available 2AM - DT EVE Time







bump, new limited spaces are available.





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