[Loan ENG/RUS] Looking for advices with taking loan 10-20b

Hi all! Sorry if my english is bad.

I’m a station trader and with my 4b I’m doing 20-40% day stably (I can give my API for potencial investors).

I’m working at home and have many time to play 0.01 pvp war. I need much more capital for trading.
I didn’t ever take loan in eve online, so looking for advices what loan I could take:

  1. Loan for trading - and every day/3 days I’m doing report here about profit, give you my API and paying % of profit every 1/3/7 days.

  2. Loan for week/month with certain %.

  3. Loan with paying % every day.

About garanties:

What garanties I can give you (need advice)? How about - I’m taking 1b loan and after day trading I give you 1b+%. Next day I take 2b…etc

My profession is poker player and I was taken loans (often practice in poker community) from other players 6-8 times for several thousand $ and I can give you URL where you can see this (on Russian).


I don’t have any collater cos every free isks i’m investing in trading. However, I have about 4-5b in assets for my second account - mission runner.


Всем привет, ищу заем, а также совету по его взыманию :slight_smile:
Думаю русскоязычным людям, которые читают этот форум нет смысла переводить текст выше.
В целом, ищу заем около 20ккк для торговли. Сейчас у меня 4ккк и с этими деньгами выходит 20-40% в день стабильно.
Я плюсовый игрок в покер и брал несколько раз деньги на игру на форуме в общей сумме несколько тысяч $ и успешно отыграв на них, отдавал деньги и %. (Что может быть гарантией моей честности и ответсвенности).

В общем, жду советов или потенциальных инвесторов.

Send this character 1.5 billion, and I’ll assess your scam thoroughly.

If you want it in Russian too, we can arrange something.

What stakes do you play, on which site, and what’s your EVBB/100?

I call dibbs on that loan but I will have to formulate something with you. I’d also be interested in looking at your APIs of course.

I’m playing tournaments on pokerstars, you can check it on sharkscope. Avg bi 2$, avg ROI 32.5%, 12000 total.
Sure, I’m glad to your interest, we can formulate something, can we talk in-game or here in pm?
Also, what means dibbs? :slight_smile:

Please send me the API and your PokerStars username through EvE Mail to this character.

Dibbs means something like “First!”

Trusting a gambler with ISK :wink:

Gotta remember, most of the regulars here that loan isk? They’re the real gamblers.

I’m not a gambler. I’m regular poker player, it’s different things.

I would be happy to offer you a loan at 3% interest per month using some of the assets held by your mission runner as collateral.

Feel free to contact me in-game if you are interested.

No it isn’t. You’re a gambler.

If you can be a profitable poker player over a statistically relevant sample, then I’m not too worried about your ability to learn trading in EvE. Some people who play poker poorly or not at all won’t understand that though.

I’m in the loop with OP, and he has requested a bit of time off the game, but we’ll finalize something once he comes back.

How can you be a “regular poker player” and call it your profession if you’re not a gambler? Do you not have to pay to enter tournaments where you win real money?

I’d like to know how to be a professional poker player without gambling! So long day job!!!

I suck at poker though… will that matter?

Bankroll management.

If you are a skilled poker player (and honest to yourself) you know that the odds are in your favour and you will win money over time as long as you have enough money in the bankroll to cover the inevitable bad streaks.

It’s ‘gambling’ in a sense but it is much lower risk than other things people do with investable money like opening a retail store.

If you suck at poker, then you know this isn’t an option for you.

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Is this s33ker after he biomasses and rerolled?!