Lock ammunition type per weapon

the ability to lock a specific type of ammunition (i.e. explosive, kinetic etc) to a weapon, allowing automatic reload and grouping of weapons. currently you must manually reload the weapon with your chosen ammunition when it is empty, or else it picks a type randomly.

Are you certain of that? It has been a while since I used missiles but I always remember it reloading the same missiles I used previously. I cannot remember that it just picked a set randomly.


That’s how it’s worked for me

Umm…no it doesn’t just pick a type randomly. At least not for missiles. If I load thermals, it always automatically loads thermals for me when it runs out. (Unless I select the “Auto reload - off” function) If I run out of thermals, it won’t load anything else unless I do it myself. It won’t pick for me.


Turn on auto reload and it will ALWAYS reload of the EXACT SAME type. It will NEVER “randomly load” ammo under ANY circumstance. If you run out of ammo and there is not enough left to reload with auto-reload enabled, then your weapons will be empty until you specify ammo, at which point autoreload will be enabled for the new ammo.


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