Make autocannons more versatile by enabling ammo switch while firing

Currently switching ammo is not really viable in most small fights, because the cost of reloading far outweighs the benefits.
The solution would be to enable the autocannon to switch ammo while it’s firing.

Currently it works like this:

  • You start shooting,
  • The enemy puts themselves in suboptimal range
  • You want to switch to a better ammo,
  • You stop shooting
  • You reload (looooong reload)
  • You start firing again with full ammo mag.

I would want it to work like this:

  • You start shooting,
  • The enemy puts themselves in suboptimal range
  • You want to switch to a better ammo,
  • You click switch ammo,
  • Ammo starts switching (gun is still firing)
  • Ammo finishes switching, the amount is the same (if you had 34 buttets in the gun when switch finished, you still have 34 bullets but of the new type)

This doesnt change the damage output (reload still remains) but it gives the ACs that versatility they should have with different ammo.

What do you guys think?

I think you need to look at another weapon types that have that advantage - lenses are switched immediately and hybrid ammo has 5 sec reload timer compared to 10 sec of projectile weapons (and missiles). Projectiles and missiles have advantage of not being locked to certain damage types tho.

There is no place for magic/alchemy in New Eden.

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I think I understand what your saying.

If your magazine is half empty and you start reloading, you can still fire the other half of the magazine while reloading, but you reload the empty half with a different ammo so it starts shooting that type once you run out of the previous ammo before reloading.

The advantage being that you gain continuous fire but with the drawback being that you don’t fire that different ammo type until you expend your previous ammo and you also can’t reload a full magazine as you are already still firing that other half before you started reloading, meaning less than a full reload at a time per cycle of reload.

It almost sounds balanced enough but perhaps continuous fire with the ability to switch ammo types is just too much of an advantage in the first place and then you have the nightmare of constantly hitting reload at different intervals because you are never reloading a full magazine.

In realism it kind of makes sense because it is like your attaching a different belt of ammo to the one you are already firing with but we still have to think of each gun as having a magazine or drum that needs to be removed and replaced with a different one before setting the new belt of projectiles into the machine.

It isn’t like your one person operating a single gun with a belt of ammo, your ship has multiple guns which means a complex system that can’t simply splice new ammo into that which is already being fired without completely removing and changing the load out.

Thats not what he is proposing. He asks for continious fire while he is reloading new type of ammo and once reload finishes - whatever ammo is left is now a new type. A magic trick that makes no sense.

Also if minnie ships operated with ammo belts then there wouldnt be a need for the clip size and ammo capacity in the guns - game would just say “X amount of shots left” where X is the number of that ammo type in your cargo.


Swapping mags whilst still firing sounds like asking too much. Not being able to instantly switch ammo isn’t that bad in most situations because you can see your enemies incoming on d-scan the vast majority of the time. And then make an educated guess on what the best ammo is going to be.

I think you should be able to ‘queue’ the ammo swap for when you finish the mag. Or have a choice to swap ammo in the middle reloading, but doing so restarts the timer.

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Good point, otherwise we would just keep reloading before we ever run out of ammo but I like the changing the belt feed idea and adding in a new quantity equivalent to the space empty in the magazine/drum…which leads to this next persons even more great and realistic idea to how it should operate and balance…

This sounds like probably the best idea, just add an option to queue what kind of ammo you will add next. Not entirely necessary since we could turn auto-reload off and just choose the next kind of ammo we want to put in but of course this requires attention to detail and makes this idea more of a convenience than a necessity.

However I like your idea about being able to cancel the reload to choose a different type as it can be very inconvenient when you accidentally choose a wrong ammo type in the heat of battle or realize you needed a different kind while the reload cycle has only just begun, making such an idea a lot more of a necessity than simply just a convenience.

All these ideas aside though I think it might just make it all a little too overpowered a change for projectiles/missile type ammo which require longer loading times but ultimately have a wide variety of flavors in ammo to serve up. In my experience they are much more popular than lasers or hybrid charges, perhaps there if a reason for that and they are already good enough as is.

Completely unrelated but all those different colors of projectiles and missiles make them look like real eye candy to me where as lasers and hybrid charges are more like different shades of the same. What is the real difference in general between these two sides of the ammo spectrum? Missiles/projectiles give you more control on damage types while lasers/hybrid give you more control on range management?

Would like to hear more from anyone who has much experience overtime using all types of ammo/weapons in game, please add what you think of the triglavian weapons too please if you will.

Terrible, unrealistic idea.



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I think that this makes zero sense whatsoever. Just think about it. The ammo is being changed, yet the turret keeps shooting. Where does it take the ammo from, when the ammo is currently being changed?

You might as well just ungroup your turrets and switch them one by one, but considering that most engagements don’t last that long there’s no point in doing this and for any engagement that lasts long enough this feature isn’t even needed.

A while ago I thought that this would be a neat feature for lazers. Start firing, and while it’s cycling you could swap between lenses for each shot without having to stop the cycle.

Maybe you could load different ammo types into the same lazer and then select which one you want like switching tactical destroyer config.

I would definitely make this a laser specific thing, as quick switching ammo is suppose to be it’s thing, but the stop-switch-start feels clunky.

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