Ammo swapping

What do you think about being able to swap ammo without deactivating the gun ? The idea is, you wouldn’t need to turn guns off, change ammo, and turn guns on again, wihch is a significant loss of time with server tick mechanics. Instead, you’d just select the new ammo while the guns are cycling. When the current cycle is finished, guns would simply turn off and automatically load selected ammo, then start shooting again. It would be much more convenient, especially for lasers, that loses some of the benefit of instant ammo swap to this mechanical downtime.

Depends on the gun really doesn’t it. Even lasers which ammo swap instantly would still need an instruction to the weapon to stop firing so that it can have the crystal swapped out.

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Yeah I mean, it wouldn’t instant swap, it would just automatically stop the guns and start swapping ammo.

It wouldn’t change anything gameplay and wouldn’t be a big change, but it’s just a small improvment. Would be more conveniant.


Oh yeah well I would like that as well

when you swap ammo during a fight, do it one by one and not all weapons at once. That way the delay becomes neglectable.

I don’t see your argument, “time we lose”, as an actual argument for a change. there is no downside to this, because everyone has the same time he needs to wait. This only benefits the lazy, and the impatient, and in the end would these just find another thing where literally two seconds are way too much time … which is kind of ridiculous.

cant see the difference… at most you get an average delay…
and at worse, you kept guns shooting the worng ammo for a longer time.

+1, seems like a decent quality of life improvement.

You can somewhat counteract some of the stupidness of guns by turning off autocycle. This way it does not automatically start reloading the same ammo once a clip is empty.