Ammo switch hotkeys

I know this has been posted several times but…
Is there a reason for not having hotkeys for ammo switches?
I would just add a tab to shortcuts where you would have 10ish rows and on the left textbox where would type in or dragdrop ammos and you chose hotkeys like normal and on the right.

The implementation would be uncomfortable at best, and cancer inducing at worst.

For the time it takes to right-click and change ammo type, it really doesn’t make much sense. For people with buggered mouse hands it might make sense, but that’s a small subset of the playerbase.

I’d like to see this happen. In the same way holding D and clicking is a quicker and more efficient system to dock than right clicking and hitting warp, this streamlines another mid-battle process. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t

The main issue is not that it is hard to right click but rather it is a small menu and i sometimes miss and click unused crystals and then on subsequent loads it will mix them up resulting in frequent crystal failure and me not knowing how many shots i have of certain type in cargo.
It would be awesome if i could assign num keypad keys in order of ammo range.
Are you a ccp dev?

No, not a CCP dev. I am not speaking of code limitations, but rather of the UI. It would be exceptionally difficult to create an intuitive interface that did not require a significant amount of new UI.

I agree that crystal health is an issue, but it’s entirely unrelated to this - it’d be just as easy to fatfinger the wrong hotkey and load new crystals instead of used.

Honestly as far as crystals are concerned, CCP should just do what FPS makers have done for decades now. When you reload, you don’t drop the mag and put a fresh one in (dropping the rounds currently in the mag), you somehow magically/instantly drop the mag, remove the excess rounds into a spare magazine that you happened to be carrying.

Crystals with mixed healths should be magically combinable. No it makes no sense from an RP standpoint, but it would greatly simplify things.

It doesn’t solve the question of “how long until I need to reload”, which should certainly be in there too, but it does solve the issue of fatfingering new crystals in.

It could be done in the fitting window using the same idea as drones with WMark Group as Favourite for Launching. This stack is assigned to ammo slot 1, this stack to ammo slot 2.

Don’t be a defeatist against every single new idea that hits this forum, it’s a sad way to live.

I’m not defeatist on every idea, only the ones I think simply wouldn’t work. There are many that I am supportive of, some of them being small and some of them being very large changes.

I am ultimately not supportive of this because I believe the amount of UI work required to make it not completely suck balls (and not be used by most players) would be time better spent on other tasks.

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