Lock N Reload, WH and Indy Corps recruiting ACTIVE Bois


C4 wormhole mercenary corporation seekin active PVP Bois as well as ratting bois to fill our ranks. We do a bit of everything from our mercenary contracts to ratting in comfy farm holes to munchin on them fine ass rocks.


-battlecruiser lvl 3 or better
-T2 projectiles, hybrids, HMs, RLMs, and HAMs. at least skilling into them
-discord, MUST have at least active ears


-80% Jita Eveprasial Buyback
-50% Loot Pinata Split

OreWorks Industry

Indy division of the Lock n Reload alliance. We also prefer omegas but alphas are welcome as well. Newbro friendly as well.
As long as you can mine in a venture and rat in a vexor you be good to join. OreWorks follow a drone doctrine for simplicity.


-85% Jita Eveprasial Buyback
-50% escalation split

Both corps follow a T1 Ship SRP during all of our fleets. Multiboxing very much welcome for OreWorks to bring in all the ore that we can for our ship building operations.

if either corporation deem your interested, come say ello in our discord @Lock N Reload

The alliance will be based in Faurent.

recruiting active bois, the wormhole life calling you

Not a PVPer, then our high sec/null sec indy corp OreWorks be an ideal fit for you. Alpha and newbro friendly as we will be seeking good Angel Territory for the indy corp to settle into. Ideal for non interrupted ratting and mining since all the angel rats be doing be painting unlike losing valuable time keeping range[Serpentis], keeping that target lock[Guristas], and for my turret bois, that tracking for the most pewpew[Sansha]. also not afraid of possibly being cap out due to [Blood] rats draining you dry.

Apply today for the best of mining and ratting. Multiboxing Omegas very much welcome to join.

rock munchin fool, come join and munch on all the ore you can stuff inside that tiny ass venture you have.
Lock N Reload come on inside, we all fellow rock munching fools around chere boi

C4 been found for the corp placement. Recruiting active PVP and ratting bois now. come join today as we lay claim to our non effected C2/C4 C4 home

Both corps still recruiting. you have 2 types of tastes yall can enjoy. the peaceful rock munching indy corp OreWorks Industry, or the real spicy wormhole lifestyle of ReIgnited. apply TODAY to join the fun

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