New Nullsec Indy corp seekin Miners[Lock N Reload Alliance]

Recruiting for my indy corporation within my Lock N Reload Alliance, OreWorks Industries. Currently holding a small pocket in Immensea with our capital system being an Ice mining heaven with not 2 but THREE ice belts so there plenty of ice to make ice cream with. Currently awaiting FIRE’s response before we drop any upwell structures on down though

-omega since ventures cannot tank nullsec rats
-must have ears to obey commands during fleets
-no drama
-myrmmidon/drakes/ishtars for my ratting bois

What be offered:
-Alliance held R16s and R8s for reactions
-3 ice belts so there no shortage of ice to be slurped up

If you looking for a steady environment with tons of profit to be made, hit us up on our discord @ Lock N Reload
The alliance is also seeking any small indy corps wishing to venture out into nullsec as well as any PVP corps are also welcomed. What also be welcomed, multiboxing mining bois, lets get that ore flowing through <3

peaceful mining days await yall, come join the ice cream making fun

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