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:dart: It would be great if CCP gave a hint about the next mirror to preclude any unnecessary Super/Titan building. :dart:

:mushroom: Why go to the trouble of hauling all the materials if you will never see its fruition? :mushroom:


ccp mirror time is 4-5 months in very specific cases up to 3 month

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welcome to eve…sheesh

It’s difficult (to say the least) to be surrounded by intellectually inferior beings… :fox_face:

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you were the one asking the question. one that has been asked and answered a million times.

the test server isn’t here for you, blockhead. it’s here for ccp to test features. not for you to proclaim your supposed intellectual superiority. so shove it up your intellectually superior anal orifice.

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Your lack of understanding is quite amusing. Do you think CCP, in its infinite wisdom, would have the Test Server open to us if they didn’t β€œneed” us to utilize it?

Think about it…

You pseudo-intellectuals are all the same.
Go back under your bridge, troll. Harvard isn’t calling.


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I wouldn’t queue any super or titan builds at this stage. YMMV, however.

Using Neal DeAss Tyson to illustrate your point was the final nail in your coffin.


Next mirror expected some time before the end of this week (could even be today)


Had two days left on my Molok :frowning:

Thanks for the reply.


full retard

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