Login Fields Disappear

When I open my Launcher, put in my username, and password, then click enter, the login section just disappears. There is just the security warning message about passwords, with no option at all to log in.

I see there are lots of issues regarding the Launcher right now, but haven’t seen anything like this mentioned. I very reluctantly reinstalled Eve and the launcher is still the same. This is now day four that I haven’t been able to log in.

What is going on with this Launcher?

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Same problems, just opened a ticket.

Same goddamn problem and still NO COMMUNICATION from EVE team. Seriously, at least one sentence to let us know you work on it instead of ignoring us. Opened a ticket on the 27th of August, still not solved.

It worked for some time but since this morning, this workaround is not helping anymore

There is no cancel button for me. There is nothing. Once I put my login details in, the entire login field disappears.

However, logged in today and the Launcher has changed. The login field has been replace with a single option that says “Login with Eve”. After clicking this, a window pops up and I am able to enter my login details, it then returns to the normal Launcher, where you can click Play, or Add Account.

Really have no idea how they keep screwing this Launcher up like this.

Problem solved after GM contact and fully solved after patch. Thanks!

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