LOGOS Community - EvE Corp for Christians

LOGOS - New Christian Eve Community Forming!

LOGOS Community is a newly forming EvE Online corporation for people who are passionate about their faith in Jesus.

Starting out, we will be in HS based out of Jita. In the near future we will be moving into J space for greater adventures.

Contact me, Andos Inkunen, in game if you are interested.

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Wouldn’t you guys want to naturally join Amarr faction warfare? Or am I being too literal? Asking for a friend.


Maybe just a bit too literal :slight_smile:

Here is another video for today’s bump! A simple tip for getting in and out of null.

Thank you for the video!

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I’ve got another video for todays bump!


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Another video for todays bump!

Are you affiliated with the LOGO television network? Asking for a friend

Here is another video!

More wild PvP in this video! :rofl: