Loki. projectiles or missiles?

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Im thinking to learn skills to fly Loki. But I see alot of fits with missiles. I want to know the opinion of pros about pve Loki, including DED sites and Expeditions. And why most people use missiles over projectiles?

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Cause my missile loki was able to apply over 900 dps (on the webified target) up to 25 km range and tank 1200 dps/s at the same time. Plus it has had 2 small guns to get rid of frigates / drones. Try to get that with arty.

Check my killboard to see fit of the Loki I lost. I was using 2 damage implants and one PWG fitting implant, which is not visible on kill.

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Medium ACs are in a weird place, arties… are arties…

Light missiles or HAMs are what you want imo

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