Loner Exploration and Gas Huffers Wanted

The Society of Lost Gas Huffers is looking for the social loners of EvE.

If the below is interesting to you. Send Val Sage a ingame request for an invite to the Corp.

Do you enjoy living the solo life, following the tides of LowSec and J-Space? We May be the right group for you.

We enjoy clearing out systems of all the Data, Relic and Gas Sites and then leaving a mobile depot at the front door of the natives Citadel to declare that it was us who plundered their space.

Does singing Kumbaya in unison with Signal Cartel and helping every fool in EvE willing to toss isk to the top just bother you? Bob frowns on helping J-Space fools and so do we.

Basic expectations…

Г. Be self sufficient, Bob does not like those who cannot help themselves.
Г. Avoid shooting Corp mates, or the few blues we have, unless they deserve it.
Г. Day Tripping is life, We base out of LowSec, we own zero assets. Ninja’d Gas is in our blood.
Г. No forced Strat Ops, play as you please.
Г. Fun matters not Killboards, we are explorers…seriously?

We organize Locust Fleets from time to time, when our solo lifestyle needs to be hung on the shelf or a bill needs to be paid.

2% Corp Tax to pay bills when necessary. All remaining funds support Spectre Fleet, because explosions support a stong New Eden economy.


The Society uses Pathfinder on our own server to map wormhole chains, feel free to use or not use it. As a Corp we will never sell or as a Corp share the chain. No obligation to use it.

We utilize the Alliance’s Discord Coms and Chat function.

Any Toon who goes inactive past 30 days will be kicked from Corp. This isnt a holding ground for your alts.

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