The Green Nebula - WAKEN from your slumber!

I’m Lyonic and here at The Green Nebula (NPC Nullsec Corp) we want you to learn to play by yourself.

“Why would I want to play by myself, I’m looking for a corp”

The reason why self reliance is important, is that its a skill in ever that no matter where you end up you will always use it. That means learning how to make ISK by yourself, learning how to fit your own ships, learning how to travel safely, how to PvP and not always be the victim, how to develop a portfolio of assets that can help you weather any run of bad luck. There is always help there, but we will help you get to a point where you don’t need help and can start helping others!

Our space offers the usual stuff you would expect:
-Missions with Angel Cartel (level 1 missions for everything from mining, security etc)
-Mining (we have icebelts, moon mining, anoms and something special *)
-Exploration (Relic sites, Data sites, and wormholes are all around nullsec and the rewards are great)
-PVP (we are in NPC nullsec surrounded by people to shoot - they travel through our systems and we get to loot their wrecks! - we also have organised pvp events to help new bros)
-Indy ( we have a great market here and lots of corps and people who make things and would love some help)

*Something special: Our space is owned by NPC’s called angel cartels. If you go into an asteroid belt or linger on a station to long - “Diamond Rats” will turn up and pop you. BUT - if you get standings up by doing missions, they will actually heal you and help you if someone comes in to attack you! Its amazing!

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