Long Range Ship Capable Of Taking Down Cruisers/Battlecruisers Quickly

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Hello, capsuleers. Apologize for the long title. I recently decided to try out PVP after quite a long time PVEing. Had no problems taking down smaller ships/less experienced pilots. However, when it comes to more experienced pilots/ larger ships, I got absolutely destroyed. So I’m currently trying to ‘practice’ and build up my moral courage by taking on targets from a distance and quickly dispatching them. So I’m looking for a long range build that is capable of quickly dispatching ships, such as Frigs, I prefer Battlecruisers, if possible. Thanks, in advance.

Edit: Is the Naga a good DPS sniper? Not planning to tank, as soon as my targets gets into a range I deem uncomfortable, I will either MJD or warp

(Ember Fireheart) #2

Oricle, Naga, zealot, diemos, rail tengu, cerb for a start.

(vrongbong) #3

Any recommended fits?

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Google them there is plenty :]

(Caleb Seremshur) #5

Most of these suggestions are awful and overpriced. Try an arty cane it’s cheap and reliable

(Ember Fireheart) #6

Cane is great as well yea, he did say quickly thou, but for just getting back into pvp yea BC’s will be the best bet.

(Cletus Graeme) #7

No love for the Talos? Did it get nerfed? It’s a kiter not a sniper but can insta-pop frigs if you manage transversal properly. It does require a skilled pilot though.

(Nico Boru) #8

Null, range and tracking with some speed to the hull and its a killer.

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