Which ship would be a good sniper

I know the Ferox and the Myrmidon are very good ships but don’t know which would be better for this

  • Ferox
  • Myrmidon

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fexor? Is that like a new ship or something? or did you mean Vexor? and what is a mirdon? Or did you mean Myrmidon?

don’t screw me over for me not being able to cheack there names

“there” names? You mean “they’re” names, right? are you partially illiterate?

some what yes

I’m in school do some research

Get a good Muninn with 720 Howitzer IIs. Then get 60 guys who can do the same (I mean people, not 60 toons since a multiboxer has a delay when switching clients). Go to your fight and delete the target before logi can even try to patch it up.

It would be more helpful, if we knew, what kind of sniper you are looking for. Then we can pick one or two options per ship size.

Maximum range for battleships and capitals is 300km, even though, XL railguns have approximately 700 light-years of range.

Very long range snipping to the point they don’t know were there geting shot at

Okay, so I would fit the Moros with XL railguns and use XL iron charges. You should fit a siege module, maybe a prop mod, so you can accelerate to warp in a reasonable amount of time and your local armor reps and 2x magstabs.

On a more serious note, what ship size are you looking for? Frigate? Destroyer? Cruiser? Battlecruiser? Battleship?

battlecruiser and now your looking into sniper fits for that class

Finally something to work with. See, even the ship size makes a huge difference already.

Now with battlecruisers, we have a lot of options, you can opt for medium long range or large long range guns or missiles.
For simplicity, let’s stay with turrets. That makes it a lot easier to determine, if you need to keep shooting or start moving again.
We can start with the obvious suspects, the regular Ferox or the heavy beam Harbinger, also the regular one.
Both do a rounded 1000hp alpha-damage with t2 long range ammo.

The hurricane and the Brutix don’t get that far out, even though the ships aren’t lacking in any way, they just aren’t very good at very long range sniping.

Both the Ferox and the Harbinger will reach out to 100-145-ish km. The Prophecy Navy is a close second with approximately 120km range but slightly less than 1000hp alpha damage.

Then we have the glass cannons, the formerly tier 3 battcruisers, which cost around 50% more, but they all have battleship guns to reach out into the longest possible range - 300km.

The Caldari Naga is the longest range sniper, only followed by the Rokh battleship. The beam Oracle will still hit out to 250+km, followed by the tornado, with can “tremor” you out to 200-ish km.
The Talos, even though you can fit railguns doesn’t get as far as the Naga does but gets a tracking bonus.
The slot layout however doesn’t really support super long range. I estimate it will be some 200km.

Edit: Yes, I stopped paying 3 years ago, but I didn’t delete my account, which started in 2006.


welp thanks for that info

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Are you looking to fly solo, in a gang or fleet? What kind of space will you be fighting in? What do you want your ship to be able to do, and what kind of targets do you want to be able to engage?

fleet and I can use almost all the battlecruisers that an alpha can use most likely high sec got war decked by black flag and station and already said to were they can’t see me shooting at them

The ships you are looking for are the Tornado and the Naga. Both shoot extremely far and are often used for cheap citadel defense. The tactic is to set up a bunch of on grid tacticals and warp rapidly between them after firing a volley or two. The enemy can counter you by using combat probes to warp directly on top of your fleet and fast tackle which can pin you down under your heavy guns.

Black Flag are the largest and most powerful wardec group in hisec. You won’t beat them with just your station and a handful of battlecruisers, especially not as an alpha. I suggest negotiating with them or paying another group to help you.

Your citadel is probably going to die.

oh no were going on the offensive they war decked are alliance and For there to be war there must be a station so there is a way to attack them

one that knocks down the entire tower with one hit…

I think he means ‘their’ names.


I give this kid credit man.

Refreshing to see people not actually afraid to die in a spaceship vidya game.