Question regarding Medium-sized Hybrid Blasters/Railguns

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I ve been wondering what weapon type is better for what specific situations. Currently I m saving up for my Brutix battleship to get T2 Rainguns and the Subskills to make Railguns work better. It is clear that Railguns offer more damage at a long range compared to low range blasters and more dps compared to Railguns.

Now my question is, how do you use Railguns/Blasters? I d personally prefer Blasters since my Brutix also operates with T2 light drones, which have a high range and can deal quick damage to fregates and destroyers. There is just one thing I dont get. What is the operation field for medium , or even large Hybrid-Blaster Turrets? They have a very low range, even with Iron charges ammunition and other improovements from riggs. Are Hybrid Medium/Large Blasters competitive in Low Sec/Null Sec PvE and PvP at all? I d like to see a few example fittings for medium and large hybrid blaster ships out there.

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Depends what your shooting if you need to hit things far away rails >, for brawling blasters are better and offer higher dps with much much better tracking. Some PvE boss’s will have a very strong tank that rail guns cant break but this is only DeD’s and so on. Try both and see how they feel but usually for pve you will want to use rails as less travel time = faster completions times.

Thanks mate. That already helps me much. I am now reaching a point where I kind of need to start specializing. So far i ve spend 2-3 montsh learning basic skills to lvl 5 because they are prerequirements for T2 cruisers. Oneiros is what I am aiming for.

Annother thing… Is it possible to install projecrile turriets or rocket lanuchers on Gallente ships and be somewhat efficient with them?

Missiles work on some gallente ship’s but generally its better to stick to that ships bonus’s unless its a tristan (because you neut yourself out so auto’s still fire), which can benefit from auto’s. But my suggestion is to stick with blasters/rails as they are one of the strongest weapons in the game atm and ofc drones which are boarderline op atm :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thing about auto cannon’s is they are not actually brawling weapons like most people say they are, they are much better at kiting just out of scram range, so if you want to use auto cannons you need a ship with a 10% falloff otherwise its strength is wasted.

Oneiros is a great ship :], you will not regret training into it.

But eventually you will have all ships and all weapons anyways so meh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some DED bosses also have a shield/armor that regenerate more when you’re within 50km.

edit: Not that that has anything to do with pvp lol

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A lot of this is going to depend on your playing style and how you want to handle things. Think carefully about if you want to use a single fit for PVE and PVP, because there are going to be trade-offs you need to consider and potentially compensate for. Here are a couple of thoughts that might help.

First, you will need to consider range- long, medium, and close. Drones (unless they are sentries) are not great long range weapons because they need to close on the target and if they are getting popped, you need to get them back. The further they need to go, the less time they are applying DPS and the more exposed they are to damage or loss. So, for long range engagement, you have two choices- use long range weapons (rails) or make the target medium or close range by closing distance on them. Don’t discount tracking- when you get into a BC, that will begin to become a very big deal when handling smaller and faster frigates.

Next, think about the trade-offs in Hybrids:
Rails= longer range, worse tracking, and lower DPS.
Blasters= shorter range, better tracking, better DPS.

That will vary a bit based on size and speed of the target, but think about the mix of targets you are going after and how you will handle all of them. This also suggests the mix of drones you will want to deal with.

So, here are a couple of approaches- rail fit that will allow you to apply DPS at a distance, methodically picking off targets as they come to you (or you go to them) and tossing out your drones to take out smaller, faster things as they “get under your guns”. Or, all out brawler where you swoop in and pop things up close with your blasters as primaries and your drones as secondary weapons.

Both approaches are completely viable of course, but your choice there will also dictate what you choose for tanking and prop mods to handle the different situations.

Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insightfull input Jenne Wain

Happy to help! If you have more questions or want some fitting ideas, feel free to drop me a line in-game :slight_smile:

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I’m always more PVE oriented than PVP, but T2 blasters, both medium and large, can get quite a bit more range than you’d expect by the stats. Both medium and large T2 neutrons I start shooting at around 30km, then with the quick reload speeds, I switch to higher DPS ammo when it’s almost time to reload anyway. Your strategies for controlling the range will be different when you’re trying to get as close as possible, as opposed to trying to maintain a longer range. Getting close takes more skill and more risk. As a choice between the two, get good at both, and expect to lose lots of ships while you figure it out. If you have a corpmate who’s willing to duel with you, it’ll help you work out some strategies to try in a real fight (corp duels have an advantage in that you can skip the hunting to focus on strategy.)


I like blasters. I don’t generally do alot of pve, but on a ship with any kind of range bonus to hybrids then mkint is correct that range can be more than you would expect (with Null ammo). Best to add web(s) to your ship with blasters. Use your drones liberally too. Brutix has 50m3 bandwidth, and 75m3 capacity so you can swap between a flight of mediums and lights.

Why are you skilling into an Oneiros for? It is a very niche ship, imo and nothing like a brutix.

You should know that hybrid rails, especially within the medium class of weapons, have the worst tracking of the long range turret weapons.

They are pretty horrible and I would only use them for npc’s that are 30km or farther and heading straight at you.

Large hybrid weapons are in a much better place when compared to the other large long range turrets.

Oneiros could get you ton’s of isk from incursion’s and get you into most corp’s/alliance’s in game people love logi pilot’s if its what you want then you will be rewarded heavily for it. Rails track much better than arties since they are hitting in optimal and not falloff.

Well I ve invested most of the skill ponts about 2 years ago adn ofc not only that. I have a few other Gallente ships that i m able to fly within a few hours.

Annother question… My Brutix. is it a good ship to rat in Null Sec in generall, asuming I have a potent Corp with good Intel in the region.

I’d say it’s acceptable for ratting, I wouldn’t say good. Myrm might be a better choice if you’re going to use a gallente battlecruiser

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