Sniper ++ FunFit

I’m looking for a sniper fit on 300 km ++ tank and damage doesn’t matter, since it just needs something for fun fit. But ships must be as small as possible, It should be able to lock and hit target. No missiles

I try Naga but is hard to get it over 300 km and still can lock and hit target.

Any have some ide? :slight_smile:

I’m on my phone so can’t get you a fit but I would go napoc.

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btw, your targeting will max out at 300km no matter what you fly.


pod popper cormies?

Awesome in null, and nasty in WH.

It was deadly and the instalock variant get nerfed years ago. Might fun enough for you to try in kitchen sink fleet.

The eagle isnt bad either, tons of bonus to optimal for rails.

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The Eagle is a fine ship but the Rohk doesn’t even need to try to reach out to 300km.

2x tracking enhancers and you are good to go. Fit a signal amplifier and an ionic flied projector I in the rigs and a scripted sensor booster to reach 300km targeting range.

The rails should have 275km falloff and 246km optimal and 300km falloff with one targeting computer.

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Yip, using all the modules available could only get 300km target locking with an Apoc and Beam with optimal range @ 267km.

Was playing with an anti POS fit, but couldn’t bet the POS large sniper turrets targeting and hitting range.
Even Caps only increase target range by 50km at best.

carriers would like to have a word with you


i got fitte a naga with 300 lock and 305 fall off and 400 dps not bad not bad :grin:


Anything pass lockon range means nothing as your turrets can’t track or target pass it.

An Apoc with targeting max to 300km and can only attack to 300km, even if its tachyon turrets optinal range is 268km and the first falloff range goes pass the 300km mark.

Caps can be pushed to 350km targeting, but still have the same issues of that it, weapon can got farther, but with no targeting they are useless pass 350km.

As notes above Starbase and Structures can target out to 500km and most large defense weapons can get up this with little issue. This can make them deadly, we tested a POS on the test server and even Titans couldn’t avoid its turrets before it was capable of firing. 150km of being attack without being able to fire back can be un-nerving even for a titan pilot.


try mach :smiley:

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