Best alpha clone Sniping ships?

Currently, I am using a Naga with about 1,500 volley damage and an effective range of about 80km. I can change this to become 130km or so with an Iron charge, of course at the expense of damage. However, I am not particularly satisfied by either option, as it does not enough range/damage respectively. I’ve heard that the Rokh is supposed to be a pretty good sniper… Any thoughts on how to maximize my damage and range without switching to Omega?

try a tornado.

I dont have a character to simulate it on accurately right now, my character that is closest who currently lacks the battleship guns skills with this: Evepraisal - Appraisal 16ldrf: 110.85 Million Buy / 123.99 Million Sell

can do 3191 alpha at 127 kilometers using republic fleet proton. If he had heavy projectile turrent IV, I would guess it would be around 3500-4000.

At max targeting range of 158 km I would guess somewhere around 1800-1900 alpha?

You could also put faction sensor boosters, tracking computers, tracking enhancers for better range, and faction gyrostabilizers for more alpha and dps, but all of those are expensive.

Keep in mind with that fit above, you would have to 100% maintain range control, would probably run it with overclocker and some mindflood for speed and cap. There are probably ways to optimize that, I just did not spend that much time onit

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