Is the Rokh right for me?

So…I don’t care about isk or what is the most effective playstyle. I typically do belt ratting or combat anomalies in null sec, and am not too worried about being close enough to loot (don’t care about isk).

I want to fly a big ship that tugs along at long range and bombards stuff.

I’m influenced by the old Command and Conquer game (the one with Stalin in it). There is a level where a few battleships coast along and bombard an area from super long range. You can’t pilot them in that game, but I always thought they were so cool.

So…is the Rokh the best choice for a big ship that bombards stuff from range? Is there a better ship for that playstyle?

Incidentally, is there an activity in EVE that this sort of playstyle is better suited for than belt ratting and anomalies?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

The Rokh certainly is a stylish choice. The Naga can do the the exact same thing (just not tank) but at a fraction of the cost. I would chose the Rokh because it looks awesome and the range is crazy.

Yeah you pretty much described what the Rokh can offer you. I’d say go for it. If you’re looking for other options the Apocalypse is sort of similar. You could also use just about any Battleship if you fit it right. If you’re willing to go battlecruiser the Naga or Oracle fit your description. Also cruise missiles have excellent range. The Barghest in particular can have near 300km range without sacrificing too much damage, though you do have to sacrifice tank.

As for activities, the Besieged Covert Research facilities are typically done at extreme ranges, though looting is required for reward and I think they only spawn in lowsec. You could do combat signatures in null and use a microjumpdrive to range tank the rats. If you have the isk to get setup you could do level 5s in a Barghest, not sure if a Rokh would work on those though. Not many ships can spit 1100 dps at 250km.

A maelstrom with 8 artillery batteries, make sure you use depleted uranium or titanium sabot.

Good Sir! I do believe that this old time folk song will be of great benefit whilst you fly about in your Rokh!

Cause you’ll be in a Rokh!



If you do belt ratting, I would take something faster than battleship. Even if you don’t care about efficiency, traveling between belts will soon annoy you with battleship…

L4 Missions and scanned Combat Sites. the Rokh has the highest range of all the gun based battleships due to Railguns being the main emphasis of Caldari turret doctrines. if you live in highsec that’s like the only activities for it as belt ratting and anomalies in those regions can be run easily with smaller vessels.

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